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simona28 Tue 17-Apr-18 08:58:42

Hi all, does anyone send their kids to Melcombe Primary in Fulham?

It was rated outstanding on all levels in 2013 and looks like their catchment has increased to cover us (my neighbours daughter got admission there yesterday) although we are almost next door to Thomas's academy. Will be really keen to hear perspectives on this school. My DD starts in 2019 and we were considering Thomas's or Fulham Prep based on proximity. This is a 5-10 min drive depending on traffic but seems like a really good school reading the report. Did not see any reviews online so thought I would ask

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sanam2010 Tue 17-Apr-18 10:21:26

There was actually a thread about it just a few weeks ago by someone moving to fulham. I have friends with kids at the school who say the academics are excellent. I do think it is fairly similar to thomas's academy in terms of the mix of students, just larger, so I am not sure in warrants the drive if you could send your kids to Thomas's Academy instead.

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