Tower Hamlets primaries

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Schoolworrier Tue 17-Apr-18 08:27:16

Does anyone here have any experience with primary schools in Tower Hamlets. My DC was offered a place at Virginia School in Arnold Circus but I'm unsure whether she'll be happy there.

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MarchingFrogs Tue 17-Apr-18 09:53:42

Presumably you didn't visit the school before applying for the place, or have you been allocated the place there as your nearest undersubscribed school?

Have you rung the school to ask to have a look round? If it is a school at which you hadn't considered being allocated a place, they should be sympathetic to your request.

Schoolworrier Tue 17-Apr-18 11:49:53

Thanks @MarchingFrogs. I did have a look around before we applied but I had similar concerns then. We put it down because it seemed to be the strongest school in our catchment academically and the head was very impressive. I was also looking at Columbia Primary which had such a nice feel and where I know others send their DCs. I can't say the same about Virginia so I was curious to know if others had experience or views on the school.

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