Warwickshire primary school offer day- anyone able to log in?

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JZ1987 Mon 16-Apr-18 07:02:41

Trying to log in since 4am- so nervous! Other areas in the country people have successfully logged in since 2am!! How unfair- I can’t get in, can anyone else?

I’m soooo sure I read somewhere that i should be able to view results online from 8am. The whole website for Warwickshire education seems to be completely down!!!

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Abouttime1978 Mon 16-Apr-18 07:03:19

I think too many people are trying to access the website.

shouldwestayorshouldwego Mon 16-Apr-18 07:04:12

It's not yet 8am though so probably not released yet.

siblingrevelryagain Mon 16-Apr-18 07:04:32

For Warks secondary offer day last month I was able to log into the portal just after 9am. Not sure if there was a fault or if that will be the same for primary schools.

Good luck, hope it goes well for you!

JZ1987 Mon 16-Apr-18 07:06:05

Thanks everyone! If anyone is able to log in to the portal (I assume this is where the results will be) let me know!

So many other areas in the country were open from last night with their local councils portals... unfair!!!!confused

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BangingOn Mon 16-Apr-18 07:08:34

The confirmation email from our applications said emails will be sent from 8:30 so I’m guessing the website will go back up some time after that.

BangingOn Mon 16-Apr-18 07:09:27

Some areas can’t see their results until this evening, I don’t think 8:30 is too bad.


JZ1987 Mon 16-Apr-18 07:11:55

Of course it’s not too bad- but I have just been up all night and only had about 2 hours slee because I am so stressed about whether he got in or not. So in my bubble I’m just dying to find out! Keep refreshing the page.... blush

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BangingOn Mon 16-Apr-18 07:15:52

It is stressful, I completely agree. Have you applied for your catchment school?

JZ1987 Mon 16-Apr-18 07:23:17

Yes I did. I live literally opposite is so therefore that is my second choice and there was no need to make a third as I know we will get in to the second choice. 2nd choice is mediocre- but issues with bullying there apparently and not being dealt with properly have been raised over the past year. A lot of teachers have left. It’s all too unpredictable and nerve wrecking to think of him going there now! We are a minority ethnicity living in an almost completely Caucasian village and although everyone here that I know is soooo lovely and I have lots of friends, the bullying issues I’ve heard over the past several months from parents at local stay and plays are playing on my
Mind a lot as my son will
Likely be the only Asian child in his class. He is not very assertive and a little softy. The first choice school is one of the best in Warwickshire. We are 1.5 miles away and just out of catchment, but the next closest town. First choice is amazing and me and dh loveeeee it!

Sooo nervous!

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BangingOn Mon 16-Apr-18 07:37:55

That does sound nerve wracking. We are rural too and it isn’t the most diverse of areas. Good luck!

JZ1987 Mon 16-Apr-18 07:40:15

Thanks good luck to you too

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BangingOn Mon 16-Apr-18 09:14:01

Any news? Our email came through 10 minutes ago.

JZ1987 Mon 16-Apr-18 09:26:32

Hiya we got in! We aren’t catchment and it’s an amazingggggg school. Checked online and accepted! So happy. Awaiting email now. We are Wolston, Warwickshire. School was knightlow c of e in Stretton on Dunsmore YAYYYYYY MY HEAD OS SPINNING

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BangingOn Mon 16-Apr-18 09:30:09

That’s great news. I still can’t get into the online system.

SundialInTheShade Mon 16-Apr-18 09:31:12

Awww I went to knightlow many many years ago. Congratulations!

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