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aliciavivarini Thu 12-Apr-18 21:58:55

Hi, my family and i are from Australia and moved to Leeds only in November 2017. Due to my husband unable to find work here, he is now living & working in London during the week.
Because of this we are hoping to re-locate ourselves to Windsor. I have a 5 yr old (currently in reception) who has struggled with the move and settling into our 'new' life.
What school recommendations do you have for the area? I have read about most of the schools and they all sound reasonable. I am particularly interested in a school that will continue to develop children past the 'expected curriculum' criteria and to foster their desire to learn. Sports & other activities are also important.
I also have a 3 yr old girl whom I'd like to get her into a nursery/day care with the intention for her to begin pre-school (?) in Sept.

Appreciate any help!
Aussie mum

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MillicentMargaretAmanda Mon 16-Apr-18 07:30:12

Hi, I don't know the specifics of first schools in Windsor but do be aware that it's a bit of an anomoly in the area. It's Local authority is RBWAM (Windsor and Maidenhead), and while Maidenhead has the traditional set up of years R-Year6 in one school then moving on to secondary/high school for years 7-13, Windsor has a different system. There you have first schools, year r-4, Middle Schools y5-8 and secondary schools y9-13.
If you are staying long term you may want to think about what system you prefer. I personally don't like the middle school system as I think kids have very little time to get settled into their final school before being thrown into gsces... Also the only two secondary schools in Windsor are single sex, so again, if that's not something you want, consider Maidenhead or other Berkshire towns.

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