East sheen sw14 primary school reception waiting lists 2018 entry

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Sunshine0925 Wed 11-Apr-18 16:29:39

Hi all,

In advance of national offer day next week I am looking for advice and experience of reception class waiting lists in East Sheen. I applied late for my twins places (legitimate reason, long story) and know on national offer day I will get a letter saying they haven’t been able to offer my children places and that we are on the waiting list.

Q1. Does anyone have experience of east sheen primary schools waiting lists?- we live almost next door to sheen mount - I can see the school from my front door and the main entrance is a 2 min walk, so I expect to be in the top 5 if not first place for that school.

Q2. Does anyone know if i will be able to add my children’s names to other school waiting lists after national offer day? Probably Holy Trinity (we don’t go to church) , marshgate and Thompson House?

Q3. We have private school places for the children lined up but would prefer to go to a local state primary, do you think I should be confident enough of getting state primary places and give these up? I need to let the private school know by the 18th April otherwise I must pay a terms fees in liu of notice which for both children is over £8000! My thoughts are to give them up and take the gamble. £8k is a lot of money!

I would appreciate any experience and opinions! Thank you in advance!

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Ladyoftherings Wed 11-Apr-18 16:42:18

I live in the vicinity of all these schools but don't have direct knowledge of how much waiting lists move I'm afraid. I think you can ask to be added to any waiting lists you like but certainly for Marshgate and TH you are a bit of a distance away so unlikely to be near the top of those lists. HT traditionally is less oversubscribed than the others and you are presumably closer so that may be a better bet.

Unless you are happy to have your twins at home in September until a suitable place is offered then I would be reluctant to give up the private places in your shoes.

You may get better advice from the local talk board for Richmond as there are some very active posters there on education matters.

Best wishes!

Mary21 Wed 11-Apr-18 17:12:01

No guarentees but it’s an area with a fair bit of mobility and an area where a fair few will go private so a high chance of waiting list mobility. Siblings and looked after children will be ahead of you on waiting lists and anyone who moves into the area and are closer than you.
There is a good chance of getting Darrell or Deer Park in the initial allocations. If you do accept this and go on the waiting list for all other schools you would accept. Don’t buy the uniform till the last minute as places at a more preferred/closer schoolmight not be released quickly.

Sunshine0925 Wed 11-Apr-18 22:27:31

Thank you for your replys. I have just put this in the local board, thank you for the suggestion. I know everyone always says there is movement on the waiting lists but it is very nerve wracking when there is £8k at stake!

I would hope that all siblings will have been accounted for in the initial round leaving just looked after children ahead of us. I am fairly sure that no one has moved in closer to the school than us in the last 4 months so again positive for the waiting list situation.

I know someone who lived just off Kew road who got offered marshgate in June last year hence why I thought we may have a chance there but who knows!

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Ladyoftherings Wed 11-Apr-18 23:31:26

Well never say never, but the Kew Road end of Richmond eg Pagoda Ave is closer to Marshgate than you might think because of the railway footbridge. Whatever, it varies a lot from year to year so really difficult to predict!

sanam2010 Thu 12-Apr-18 13:15:00

I would absolutely give up the private school place if you live next door to Sheen Mount! You will be number 1 on the waiting list after allocation (if everything went correctly in the application process), so it is extremely unlikely that you would not get a place.

Sunshine0925 Thu 12-Apr-18 22:58:13

Sanam2010, thank you for your message, that is exactly what I was hopping to hear. I’m not 100% sure we will be #1but would be very surprised if we weren’t in top 3. Given they now accept 90 children surly at least 1/2 places would be returned? We would also be happy with places at either of the two other schools within walking distance from us so hopefully that will increase our chances of getting places somewhere and failing that we are prepared to hire a nanny/tutor and homeschool until places come up

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