Pembridge Hall

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elbelle19 Thu 05-Apr-18 14:30:18

Hi ladies - I received an email saying that my DD has been registered at Pembridge Hall and that a letter will follow in the post. This was a few weeks after I submitted the form. Forgive my ignorance, but what does that mean? That she's in, or just that they've received the registration form and fee?

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elbelle19 Tue 10-Apr-18 13:16:09


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bathildab Tue 10-Apr-18 13:50:13

It means the latter.

elbelle19 Tue 10-Apr-18 14:07:03

Thanks bathildab - thought it was too good to be the former!

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Fallingbythedozens Sun 23-Sep-18 21:35:26

Hi, have you heard from PH?

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