Abercorn or the American School

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mscdooley Thu 29-Mar-18 20:43:42

My family and I are relocating to London this summer from the US. We are expecting to be in London no more than 5 years. I have 2 sons that are 4 and 6. We have been accepted to Abercorn in St Johns Wood. We are also considering the American School but have heard it is hard to get into. Would it be worth the effort to apply to International schools? Does anyone have experience with Abercorn? For expats, are International schools better when repatriating back to the US or is a British independent school comparable? Any input is greatly appreciated!

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CruCru Thu 29-Mar-18 23:57:28


I have friends with children at ASL but my children don't go there. My understanding is that you need to apply before mid January for the next academic year and that it is very oversubscribed, particularly for K1 (the year the child turns 5). However, people do come and go and it may be that places come up there - it may be worth ringing them to see what the chances are.

I'm afraid I can't comment on what sort of schools are better for expats.

Are you going to be living in St John's Wood? This and this may be helpful.

One thing it may be worth mentioning is that most British prep / pre prep schools require at least a term's notice before you withdraw your child. As it was the last day of the Spring term today, it may be that, if you now pull out, you will have to pay them a term's fees for both children regardless. However, whether this is the case for Abercorn will depend on their own T&C - have you actually accepted the places there?

mscdooley Fri 30-Mar-18 13:53:17

Thanks Crucru. Our deadline to accept our place and deposit at Abercorn is next week. We figured we can start at Abercorn for the Fall term but try to apply at ASL for the next Fall term.

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Toddleress Thu 12-Apr-18 15:55:21

From what I know from friends (no personal experience) is that at that age (5-6-7 years old), the transition from the British system back to the US is OK and easier than the reverse, because at that point (Y1-2-3) the British system is ahead in terms of learning vs the American curriculum. As a result you may find that your children will need a period of catching up if they join the British school.
In other words, you should be fine to stay in the British system if you plan to go back in a few years.

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