Loughborough primary (and secondary) schools - in year admission

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VeraVioletVinn Wed 28-Mar-18 15:42:11

I have been offered a job in Loughborough, which will mean relocating from the south during the summer. DS is in year 2 so need to find a school place for him. The job starts in June but could potentially work things so he could stay in his current school until the summer holidays (so starting new school in September).

Everyone always talks about the 'lovely villages' around loughborough but we are really not keen on living in a village and would rather be in/near the town. Does anybody have any advice about primary schools in Loughborough itself (rather than eg. in Quorn etc., which we cannot really afford anyway!)? Also thinking ahead to secondary school and feeder schools/catchment areas.

Obviously we are going to be limited by where school places are available but would be good to have some idea of where might be good to focus on/get on waiting lists! Any thoughts/advice very welcome....

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