Private schools in Redbridge

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Nidster123 Tue 27-Mar-18 23:42:37

Hello mums,
I have posted in some old threads as well but as they may not be read, I have decided to create a new one.

Would welcome your thoughts on the following schools we are either considering or have a reception place for my DS in September 2018.

Loyola - really liked it. But boys only (we have a baby daughter) and will have to move from Woodford
St aubyns - convenient and a school with fab facilities
Snaresbrook - quite small but nevertheless have a good feeling about it
Avon house - have a tour tmrw
Church fields (state outstanding) - will find out soon, but likely we will get in

For secondary, idea will be to go to grammar or get a scholarship for a private (which understandably requires a lot of tuition). But a lot can change in the next 6 yes so not thinking too much about secondary schools yet. Focus is to get the right school for primary education

Thank you so much lovely mums!

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