Relocating to North Warwickshire - Coleshill C of E Primary??

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clekim19 Thu 22-Mar-18 13:52:31

My daughter is currently in Reception, so we'll be doing an in-year admission. I've looked at all the schools locally (not actually visited yet - just on various websites etc..), and we're in the priority area for Shustoke, the next closest are Bournebrooke and Coleshill.

Typically the two schools with great results (Shustoke and Bournebrooke) are full currently, but Coleshill has a space. The results look pretty dire, so I'm now feeling extremely nervous!! I know process wise, as long as Coleshill has a place, we have no choice, that's the only one we'd be offered.

does anyone have any experience of Coleshill Primary at all??

Huge thanks! (I so wish we'd moved last year!!!)

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