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Karakandchipattis Wed 14-Mar-18 05:29:55

DD is applying for entry to a new (private) school and has to do a CAT4 level A test as part of the entry requirements. I don't want to tutor her for it but she's very nervous. It looks like practice papers aren't available online. Is there anything she can do to familiarise herself with the format?

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Michaelahpurple Wed 14-Mar-18 15:36:31

What age? Bond online or Bofa 11+ aren’t wildly dissimilar

jibberjab Wed 14-Mar-18 16:38:46

We found the following pages useful to get an idea of what to expect etc

Karakandchipattis Wed 14-Mar-18 17:07:39

Thanks. She's year 3 now, it's for year 4 entry.

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CognitiveAbilitiesSuperStar Mon 25-Jan-21 20:52:59

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

DirtyDancing Tue 26-Jan-21 13:13:34

My DH purchased some online (paid) recently for a 7+ exam. Just found out DS did very well and has an interview.. if you want me to ask him where he purchased them from DM me and I will check

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