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Helping ds5 with creative writing

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Marvellouspeonies Tue 13-Mar-18 21:00:53

Just back from parents’ evening with a few minor concerns from ds2 (5) teacher. For background he’s in Year 1 but a young summer born and with a few minor speech issues that he is currently receiving speech therapy for. Maths skills are strong and currently reading blue level books so lower range of normal which is great. Her main concerns are regarding his struggles with creative writing. When sat one to one and when prompted to speak about what he wants to say in advance, he can usually write a couple of paragraphs although these can be missing several conjunctives and spelling can be hit and miss but is usually phonetically understandable. His spelling is a concern apparently although my gut feeling is that this will come with time and maturity. He currently has 10 spellings to learn weekly and gets between 8-10 correct although these are a lower level than most of the rest of the class.

Can anyone help with ideas on how to improve his literacy in a fun and low pressured way? He wouldn’t respond well to lots of physical writing so ideally it would be more play based. We read stories every evening, listen to audiobooks in the car and play imaginatively so I feel the building blocks are all there.

Aware that I may be worrying about absolutely nothing but anxiety about the children tends to be higher than normal since being widowed several years ago.

irvineoneohone Wed 14-Mar-18 08:52:53

We used storycubes for my ds to help with creative writing. Also made own storywheels

We played games of making up silly sentences during car journey. I think it was recommended by mrz, and it goes like this.
DS: Dog.
Me: A black dog.
DS: A black dog with white spots.
Me: A black dog with white spots running around.
DS: A black dog with white spots running around the pond.
And just keep going, adding extra each turn.

But he is still 5, I wouldn't worry so much.

Tomorrowillbeachicken Wed 14-Mar-18 09:32:07

Tbh he’s fine. He’s five.

numbereightyone Wed 14-Mar-18 09:33:18

Encourage him to read and read to him yourself every evening.

BlackInk Wed 14-Mar-18 16:38:37

Oh my, he's 5. He sounds just fine smile

As far as I know my 6 year old year 1 DD is doing really well. Her creative writing tends to be heavily influenced by other things she's read or seen (so not very creative), her spelling is weird and wonderful (phonetic), her writing is sometimes scruffy and letters often flipped. Her teacher seems thrilled with her progress. Her speech, language and reading are good.

It sounds like a lot is being expected of your little boy. They don't even test spellings anymore at DD's school as (apparently) it was found to be pointless (kids recall the words well for the test but then instantly forget).

But yes, read lots, chat lots, use creative language yourself.

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