Girls secondary schools in Newcastle upon Tyne

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Shivafever Tue 13-Mar-18 13:10:44

Hello ladies - this is my first message, so could you help me out. My daughter has offers from Dame Allans Girls and NHSG for Year 7 September 2018..completely torn as to which school to choose. She's middle of the road academically, loves dance and is quite laid NHSG good at bringing along kids who aren't super clever/ motivated..worried that she'll be overwhelmed by all the high achievers..does anyone have girls at DA & rate it educationally?..thanks

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nyebevanshair Wed 28-Mar-18 17:24:04

Dame Allan's is just lovely. It gets super exam results but the girls school (more so than the boys) is quite mixed academically. The lower sets for maths are very small so mange to get fab results from all of the girls. The dance dept is amazing too.

I would highly recommend - it really is a delightful school.

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