Brambletye, Lingfield College or Ashdown House

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cloudchaos Sun 11-Mar-18 10:26:38

We are moving to the area and are looking for a prep for my 2.5 year old. We are considering Brambletye, Ashdown House and Lingfield College.

As we are from outside the area I don't really know much about any of these schools and we will be viewing them all, but I just wanted to get opinions perhaps from parents with children at these schools as to which they feel might be the best fit for us.

I'm looking for the following:

A school happy to take a day pupil with no plans to board.

Supportive and understanding of ADHD.

Co-ed (I also have a baby daughter who should attend the same school ideally)

Nurturing and whilst pushy to get the child to perform to the best of their ability, not a total hot house.

Embracing of technology

Very outdoorsy

I'm concerned that whilst I love the sound of Ashdown House it may require boarding in the latter years, or my son may feel left out if he is one of only a few that don't board?

Lingfield College seems to get mixed reviews on here. People don't seem to like the head and I'm hearing it's less academic and not that supportive of special needs?

I've heard Brambletye might be a little bit too much of a hot house for us?

Does anyone have any views on which school might be the best fit based on the above? Thanks!

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ves006 Fri 20-Apr-18 22:35:15

We’re in the same situation! We viewed Brambletye today and are visiting Lingfield next week, for our 2.5 year old. We loved Brambletye, it’s very outdoorsy and the head is great - very inclusive, friendly and knew all the children by name. All of the children were so happy - it was really noticeable. They cater well for SEN children, but at an additional cost due to outside specialists coming in. We will see what Lingfield is like next week......I’d be interested to hear your opinions too, if you’ve visited already.

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sun 22-Apr-18 18:49:46

How can you know your 2.5yo has ADHD?? Do you just mean they are very lively? Or is it so common in your family you are assuming they may develop it?

cloudchaos Wed 25-Apr-18 14:24:48

Low, it's heavily in our family and while hopefully my son doesn't have it, I'd rather not look to change schools in the future if it turns out he does.

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sunshine11 Sun 09-Dec-18 18:37:50

What did you decide @cloudchaos?

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