DS aged7 had book confiscated

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salfordMel Wed 07-Mar-18 10:35:40

Hi my son aged 7 in year 3 was reading a book when his class teacher was talking to the class, a comic from school library; he was obviously wrong, teacher took his book away and put it on her desk.

DS usually have good-excellent behaviour, hardly got into troubles and was quite sensitive, he got angry and upset after school.

I explained to him that the teacher was being fair, it's the same rule to everyone, and teachers must have rules to keep the class in order. He was still worried he won't get the book back.

I told him to apologies to the teacher, say: I was wrong I won't do it again. Please may I have the book back. Seemed too much for him to master. Please what is the done thing? I didn't go to primary school in the U.K. so any thoughts are appreciated, guess for primary it's pretty much the same everywhere..

Shall I get him to write a letter to apologize ? What is generally expected of the parents, sorry it is really not a big thing ~

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PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Wed 07-Mar-18 10:37:53

They're usually handed back at the end of the day, I think.

user789653241 Wed 07-Mar-18 11:04:14

I would tell my ds to go apologise to the teacher and ask if he can have it back. If he can't do that, I would say "tough" , to my ds.

LetItGoToRuin Wed 07-Mar-18 13:19:18

I would try again to encourage him to pluck up the courage to go up to the teacher and apologise, and ask when he might be able to have the book back. Maybe do some role-play with him at home to give him confidence?

If he really can't do this on his own (and it's understandable for him to be worried about it) I'd go in with him at after school pickup and ask the teacher if my son can say something to her. I'd then encourage him to apologise with me there to support him. If necessary, I'd do most of the talking, but would make him apologise to the teacher.

That way, it's a lesson well learnt and the teacher knows you're fully on her side.

flowersWB Wed 07-Mar-18 13:57:11

Chances are this teacher has simply forgotten to return the book. If your dc can't manage a basic apology (don't write a letter, his crime was not serious enough for this) and request to have the book back then you could pop in at the end of the day and do it for him?

trinity0097 Thu 08-Mar-18 19:59:16

She might have just It it back in the library at the end of the day.

Witchend Fri 09-Mar-18 11:03:13

If it's a library book, it's probably gone back into the library.
I wouldn't do anything, you're making a mountain for him there. he did something wrong, that he knows is wrong, and got in trouble and now it's over.

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