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akiras Mon 12-Feb-18 16:54:02

We are moving to Wokingham RG40 5AH area. The postcode shows the catchment schools are keephatch school , All saints CoE school , westende jr school. Any feedback on these schools? Keephatch OFSTED is requires improvement but performance is good. We are confused here. We are interested in Westend school based on school performance but there are currently no available spaces for inyear year2 admission. The only available schools with places as mentioned by the wokingham council are Colleton primary school(twyford) , crazies hill CE primary school and St Sebastians CE Primary School . Do any of your kids go to these schools? If so, any feedback on them will help.
There is also a new school called Floreat Montague but it is expanding per class. Any feedback on this school please?

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NeitherNowtNorSummat01 Wed 14-Feb-18 01:06:37

Westende is a junior school. You need to be looking at wescott. That said, all the wokingham schools are largely oversubscribed.
I’m not sure Floreat Montague has a year 2 class. It’s a brand new sho and they started from reception, the following year they had reception and year 1.
all saints catchment is pretty rough as it’s in the middle of a fairly rough estate.
keep hatch is actually a fairly nice school- I know it requires improvement but I’ve been in there and it has a nice feel. Has a swimming pool too!
Pm me ifyou like,y son goes to one of these schools and my friend works in another

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