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State primary schools in Greenwich/ Blackheath vs Beckenham/West Wickham/Chislehurst or even Orpington

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Shamannn Fri 09-Feb-18 13:21:28

Hi all,

We have a son 1 year old and we consider moving to areas like Beckenham/Chislehurst/ West Wickham or even further to Orpington.
Are state primary schools better in those areas than in Greenwich/Blackheath (Meridian/Halstow/Millenium/ Brooklands)?
Could anyone please share their opinions on the primary schools in those areas?

reluctantbrit Fri 09-Feb-18 13:55:53

I can only comment on my DD’s school which is Hawes Down in West Wickham, no idea how that is compared to others but I would go for it over and over again.

When DD started it was a separate infant and Junior school, they merged last year to a Primary school. The school has a fantastic pastoral care, the teacher are very determined to get the best out of the children while creating a fairly relaxed and happy environment. The head (Previous only the junior head) is respected and always knows what goes on, he knows all the children and even the 190 extra which joined in September when the schools merged.

The teacher are always happy to meet outside parent evenings, take concerns serious. The school has a separate SEN units, 1 class of 10 in Infant and 2 classes of 10 in Junior. The children there are fully integrated in the normal school life, often join their peer groups if possible for some lessons and the school puts strong emphasis on ensuring all children are treated the same, SEN or not.

They are quite sporty, offering good variety of PE plus lots of sport clubs, payable though. They do at least one trip per term, have a good music provision with an orchestra and a band. Music lessons for instruments are done during lesson time (paid by parents) and the children do concerts several times a year.

Shamannn Fri 09-Feb-18 20:50:44

Thanks reluctantbrit , sounds like a great school.

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