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Norestformrz Fri 02-Feb-18 05:51:34

We only provide one written report per year
In Y2 and Y6 we give the "official" end of Key Stage terms working towards, working at expected, working at greater depth with the expected standard (KS1) and working at greater depth (KS2)
we don't do this for other year groups as there are no national standards only ones set by each school.
In Y1 parents are given the results of the phonics screening check with the end of year report.

yakari Thu 01-Feb-18 23:10:17

Thanks for such a comprehensive answer!
Sounds similar which is reassuring

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LetItGoToRuin Thu 01-Feb-18 11:51:09

I would say that that’s broadly in line with what my DD’s school seem to do.

DD gets three reports per year, and last year, in Y1, only in the end of year report did they give a ‘score’ for attainment, and that was either:

•Working Towards Expected Year Group Standards
•Working At Expected Year Group Standards
•Exceeding Expected Year Group Standards

I would say this is similar to your child’s school in that it doesn’t give any sort of ‘grade’, but tells you whether they’re meeting the teacher’s expectations for that year. I understand that, other than in YR, Y2 and Y6, schools can assess however they like.

In every report they get given a ‘Learning Attitude’ mark of Improvement Needed, Good or Excellent for reading/phonics, writing, maths and science, and in the end of year report they add the same for History/Geography, PE, music, Art/DT and computing.

Also an Attendance mark (as a percentage, followed by Cause for Concern, Satisfactory, Good or Excellent – you only get Excellent if you get 100%)

No ‘reading age’ score. (I gather that some schools provide this, but it is not the norm)

At end of Reception they had scores for the 17 early learning goals. In Y1 they had a Phonics score which was a mark out of 40, and also stated the pass mark. In Y2 and Y6 we will expect something more specific relating to SATs but DD is in Y2 at the moment so we’re not quite there yet.

yakari Thu 01-Feb-18 01:14:48

I live abroad so trying to get a feel for the difference in our school versus ones in the UK. We may move back and I'm just trying to see if it would be a problem or if it varies a lot from standard uk reports

Our report gives two figures - reading age and SAS score (with no explanation but that's another thread!)
And then it breaks down term objectives into writing composition, vocabulary/grammar, handwriting and maths into arithmetic and problem solving. For these children are deemed 'beginning', 'working towards' or 'mastered' but there's no score ie no numeric or letters based score such as A/B/C
Next comes personal and social goals - again defined as 'beginning' etc
And finally the teachers blurb ie Johnny is a lovely boy, could do with focusing more in class..... etc etc

The head here says this report is more in line with current UK reports. Be grateful if you could let me know how does this compare to your primary reports. Or if very different the structure of your kids reports.

And sorry this is for mid year - at the end of the year there's a more detailed one with the same structure but also more blurb on each topic ie in Maths, Johnny struggles with mental calculations

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