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Beedie1 Mon 29-Jan-18 18:42:38

Hi All
We moved house a year ago and thought it best if my DS went to a school nearer to where we live so he could make friends on the roads we live in, walk to school and have a less stressful day (by means of getting to and from school in the car). He has been there 3 months and I'm really not happy. He really misses his old school, the friend he has made is AWFUL (so rude and very overpowering) and I generally don't like the 'hands off' attitude of the parents and that it is not very sociable at all.
So I have decided to try and get him back into his old school and am filling out an In Year Application form. His old school would love to have him back when a place comes available. The problem is I now need to fill in the part which says 'reasons why you are requesting change of school'. This form has to go to the current school to fill in and then back to me so they will see this information!
As there isn't a space immediately available I don't want the current school to feel offended whilst my DS is still there.
Any ideas on any 'neutral' reasons I can put down??? Its a tricky one as we are going BACK to previous school!
Thanks in advance!

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cansu Mon 29-Jan-18 18:45:01

Just write that your ds is missing his old school and hasn't settled in as well as you hoped.

Sleephead1 Mon 29-Jan-18 19:02:17

I would just say your son is missing his old school and friends and wants to go back to his old school

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