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In Yr2 kids same sex relationships lessons

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yasminluv Thu 25-Jan-18 21:50:16

In Year 2 they have a day where kids learn about samesex relationships
It’s after Easter apperantly is that nationally and is every school different

If this to happen How can I as a parent address this with the teacher the fact that I don’t want him to participate

Greensleeves Thu 25-Jan-18 21:51:15

I hink you can legally withdraw your child from any lesson. Speak to the teacher.

Why don't you want him to be included?

Gaelach Thu 25-Jan-18 21:53:41

You could keep your kid off school that day? Why don't you want them to take part?

ineedamoreadultieradult Thu 25-Jan-18 21:54:00

Why don't you want him to participate? For most kids these days it is just general knowledge that same sex relationships exist.

FellOutOfBed2wice Thu 25-Jan-18 21:54:37

It’s because Easter is the gayest of all the festivals and therefore yes, nationally, all year two children are taught about The Gay.

Oh no, sorry, that’s ridiculous and you’re ridiculous. Why on earth would you not want your child to participate?

yasminluv Thu 25-Jan-18 21:54:41

Hi I just don’t agree the a 7 year old needs to know this at this stage. Plus I would prefer it to explain it to him myself. Each to there own offcourse but I don’t feel comfortable about that being introduce so early on

FFSenoughalready Thu 25-Jan-18 21:56:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SleepingStandingUp Thu 25-Jan-18 21:57:21

I would perhaps ask what they be covering first? Surely if he has friends whose parents or siblings are gay, any of your friends who are gay or if he likes a boy on his class rather than a girl it would be good to know that it's normal and ok? Its not going to be sex ed is it

MissMouseMcPhee Thu 25-Jan-18 21:57:38

I'm pretty sure they are not going to be showing the children gay porn, what's your beef?

IcanMooCanYou Thu 25-Jan-18 21:58:14

Sorry? What exactly is there 'not to feel comfortable' about? Do you think same-sex relationships are wrong?

BananaPie Thu 25-Jan-18 21:58:17

I should think it just explains that sometimes two men / two women fall in love rather than going into detail that would be inappropriate for a 7 year old about adult relationships (gay or straight). What’s the big deal? And what message does taking him out of the class give to him?

newtlover Thu 25-Jan-18 21:58:32

do you have a partner or spouse?
do you ever look at books where there is a mummy and a daddy?
or where the story ends with a wedding?
what do you think that is teaching your DC?

YerAuntFanny Thu 25-Jan-18 21:58:46

My DS had these lessons (although it was totally wasted on him as he pointed out that he already has a man Uncle and a man Auntie who lived together grin) and it really is just introducing the concept that people of the same sex can love each other too and reassuring them that there's nothing wrong with feeling like that.

There's no diagrams or big gay Kamasutra read along if that's what you're worried about.

MissMouseMcPhee Thu 25-Jan-18 21:58:59

You don't think that a 7 year old needs to know that people have relationships? Doesn't he see people having relationships everyday? What are you afraid of?

yasminluv Thu 25-Jan-18 21:59:10

Fellout why I’m I ridiculous what harm did I cause as a parent I’m allowed my opinion with all due respect the the LGBT community I just don’t feel okay with my son learning about that at 7

AgentProvocateur Thu 25-Jan-18 21:59:12

hmm Are you scared it turns him gay?

ineedamoreadultieradult Thu 25-Jan-18 21:59:31

Do you feel comfortable him knowing a man can have a relationship with a woman? Why is it different to know about same sex relationships? They wont go into all the gory details about how the sex part works.

LadyintheRadiator Thu 25-Jan-18 21:59:50

Your 7 year old has no idea about same sex relationships?

BIWI Thu 25-Jan-18 22:00:52

Why? What's wrong with him learning about 'that'?

Justanotherzombie Thu 25-Jan-18 22:01:02

Withdraw your child if you want.

I'm sure his classmates will fill him in after.

HolyShet Thu 25-Jan-18 22:01:07

You realise you are homophobic, then, don't you?

Gaelach Thu 25-Jan-18 22:01:39

He probably already has an idea. But keeping him in the dark a bit longer and drawing attention to him by isolating him from the class due to your own issues is cool too I suppose...

FancyNewBeesly Thu 25-Jan-18 22:01:40

My boys are already learning about same sex relationships - haven't you seen "Mr & Mr Crab" on Hey Duggee? Slightly stereotyped for my liking, but there we are.

You're making it into a thing when it isn't a thing. By introducing this at a young age (and I think 7 is actually pretty old to be made aware of this so I'm sure he's aware of it already) it's not a big issue.

Greensleeves Thu 25-Jan-18 22:02:00

I can understand feeling protective of your child's innocence, but:
1) the other children will tell him anyway,

2) he lives in a world where same sex relationships are a normal lifestyle, and

3) giving children matter-of-fact, truthful information isn't what destroys innocence, any more than telling them how a toaster works destroys innocence. It's shame, prejudice and secrecy that destroy children's innocence and show them that the world is a complicated, often sad and hostile place. He will wonder why he was excluded from this particular event and draw conclusions about it - that's the erosion of his innocence, not being told quite truthfully that people can have same-sex partners.

0hCrepe Thu 25-Jan-18 22:02:16

Ask to see the materials and lesson beforehand. It might put your mind at rest and hopefully teach you something.

FancyNewBeesly Thu 25-Jan-18 22:02:36

What do you think will happen if he learns about this "too young"? What's your actual fear here?

0hCrepe Thu 25-Jan-18 22:02:42

Ask to see the materials and lesson beforehand. It might put your mind at rest and hopefully teach you something.

newtlover Thu 25-Jan-18 22:03:26

you haven't explained why you feel uncomfortable with him learnng about 'that'

yasminluv Thu 25-Jan-18 22:03:27

Ok I don’t appreciate the attack I’m getting. I’m fine with all your saying but I’m my religion same sex relationships are forbidden and we do follow it at home and I just want it to continue like that

MrMeSeeks Thu 25-Jan-18 22:03:43

Fellout why I’m I ridiculous what harm did I cause as a parent I’m allowed my opinion with all due respect the the LGBT community I just don’t feel okay with my son learning about that at 7
You don't want your son to learn that its ok for two men or two women to be in love?
I take it then you've never read any stories to him where a hetro copule get married then?

dailyshite Thu 25-Jan-18 22:04:02

You know it's legal, don't you? And 'normal' / mainstream - why on earth would you want your child to think there is anything odd about two people in a consenting, legal relationship?

And absolutely what newtlover said.

Surfingwhippet Thu 25-Jan-18 22:04:43

Our school does same love different families. It's not just about same sex relationships it's about all the different families there are.
Maybe find out what exactly he will be learning

Valerrie Thu 25-Jan-18 22:05:02

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

yasminluv Thu 25-Jan-18 22:05:05

Crepe teach me what? I don’t have any issues with this topic I’m ok I do have gay friends at work don’t look at them any less then any human being we follow away of life and I want it to stay like that

Greensleeves Thu 25-Jan-18 22:05:09

You can't keep your child in a bubble though, OP, and it's unfair to him to try. You live in a society in which same-sex relationships are an everyday reality.

LadyintheRadiator Thu 25-Jan-18 22:05:11

Teach your child tolerance smile and acceptance smile

SimultaneousEquation Thu 25-Jan-18 22:05:17

My lot have known from as far as I can remember that some men marry men and some women marry women. We took them all to our friends 10-year anniversary of their civil partnership about 18m ago. Dd must have been 5. It didn’t occur to me to fret about them catching “gay”. Just stopping them eating too many crisps and being sick on the way home.

Curious as to how it will help a child’s development to be shielded from this knowledge? Is it that you don’t want to have to explain the mechanics of sex?

pallisers Thu 25-Jan-18 22:05:40

At that age all of my children had at least one if not two classmates who had same sex parents. Actually they have since nursery been with children of same sex couples.

What are they going to teach him? Probably not the mechanics of gay sex - right?

To be honest, I would feel uncomfortable with there being a day set aside for this. It makes the same sex relationship seem "other" and radically different. The reality is families come in all shapes and sizes from married couples to unmarried to grandmothers rearing children, step parents rearing children, same sex married couples, same sex couples etc and babies arrive in a multitude of ways - ivf, adoption, etc.

FancyNewBeesly Thu 25-Jan-18 22:06:57

Teaching or not teaching your child about homosexuality, age 7 or 5 or 3, will not affect his sexuality or your "way of life"

sirfredfredgeorge Thu 25-Jan-18 22:07:26

You need to home educate like other religious nutters, picking and choosing which topic your child can learn in school is not what you get in a state education.

You can withdraw them from RE - I really hope you are, since they'll learn a lot more there to challenge their views about your religion. And in from yr 7 when "sex ed" is there, you can withdraw from that too. However the school is no more required to let you opt out of individual lessons otherwise.

YerAuntFanny Thu 25-Jan-18 22:07:31

Whether you personally condone it or not is not relevant. The school is teaching him something which is prevalent in our society and regardless of your thought it IS accepted on the most part as a valid form of relationship.

You can teach him to be homophobic in your own time, gives a little balance I guess .

SleepingStandingUp Thu 25-Jan-18 22:07:44

I’m my religion same sex relationships are forbidden
Well he still needs to know that in society it is accepted (mostly) and is permissable. You can tell him how he will burn in hell or be forever damned afterwards

pallisers Thu 25-Jan-18 22:07:52

but I’m my religion same sex relationships are forbidden and we do follow it at home and I just want it to continue like that

Well then either you remove him from the class (his classmates will fill him in later with probably exaggeratedly lurid detail) or after the class you take him home and tell him that despite what he learned in class, you as a family believe that being gay is not right and gay relationships are sinful. Then sit back and pray that he isn't gay.

BananaPie Thu 25-Jan-18 22:07:52

Well they can continue to be forbidden by your religion, and you can continue to follow that at home. Surely him learning about same sex relationships won’t change that? They do exist whether they’re forbidden in your religion or not.

BIWI Thu 25-Jan-18 22:08:14

we follow away of life and I want it to stay like that

Why? Why would you want it to stay like that, when life simply isn't like that these days?

And if you desire it to be like that, as PP have said, you are homophobic.

yasminluv Thu 25-Jan-18 22:08:16

I will ask his teacher but you guys are judging me for what I believe in and I do see that same sex relationships exist it’s just not what my son to learn that at 7 maybe at 9

BewareOfDragons Thu 25-Jan-18 22:08:57

Hi I just don’t agree the a 7 year old needs to know this at this stage. Plus I would prefer it to explain it to him myself. Each to there own offcourse but I don’t feel comfortable about that being introduce so early on.

Gee. Guess we shouldn't have let our children meet their uncle and his partner until they were older ...

Or our good friends ...

Oh wait.

Get a fucking grip, OP.

JassyRadlett Thu 25-Jan-18 22:09:15

The thing is, your child is likely to have peers whose parents are a same-sex couple.

What do you prefer? To teach your child that while your religion has certain rules, not everyone follows that religion and and so, sometimes men marry other men and women marry other women and it’s fine for them, it just doesn’t happen in your religion.

Or for your child to grow up thinking the perfectly legal marriages of parents of his peers is somehow shameful and to be frowned upon and not talked about?

dailyshite Thu 25-Jan-18 22:09:27

You don't have a problem with people being gay but your religion forbids gay relationships, you want to maintain that way of life and you want your 7 year old to not know about a huge part of society, love, relationships and life? Doesn't really add up, does it?

BewareOfDragons Thu 25-Jan-18 22:09:44

And, yes. I am most definitely judging you. You're not coming off well.

BIWI Thu 25-Jan-18 22:09:45

Why?! What's going to happen in the next 2 years that makes it acceptable?!

StillSeekingResponsibleAdult Thu 25-Jan-18 22:09:52

How can you be too young to know about same sex relationships? My DC have never been unaware it happens, due to family members. They have never considered anything different about Aunt A and Uncle B being in a relationship, to Aunt C and Aunt D.

I'm sure it will all be handled in an age appropriate way.

TheGingerSnapped Thu 25-Jan-18 22:09:52

Haha, that's hilarious. My now Yr 2 child first learned about same-sex relationships long before he turned one, because so many 2-mum and 2-dad families live in our area.

A specific lesson in Year 2? My concern would be that same-sex relationships aren't made out to be unusual, given how many kids in the room have parents, aunts, uncles etc in these types of partnerships. Way to make someone feel weird about nothing... hmm

2018SoFarSoGreat Thu 25-Jan-18 22:10:23

Teach your child tolerance smile and acceptance


It might serve you well to attend the class OP.

dailyshite Thu 25-Jan-18 22:10:25

When did your son learn about marriage?

FacelikeaBagofHammers Thu 25-Jan-18 22:10:52

I've told my children at 4. I want to normalise it as much as possible. Either of my children could be gay and I wouldn't want them to feel any negativity around that.

sirfredfredgeorge Thu 25-Jan-18 22:11:02

Your son will already be aware of same sex relationships - they are commonplace. The odd thing is the school is waiting until YR2 to mention it, I rather doubt they are of course, I suspect they've just got some special reason for celebrating it that day - maybe one of the staff are celebrating a wedding?

StubbleTurnips Thu 25-Jan-18 22:11:20

hmm if this is for real I'm not sure why it hasn't already been broached already.

DD has known from a young age that families come in all shapes and sizes - those with a mummy and daddy or those with 2 mummies or 2 daddies, or no mummy / daddy. Surely you go with that and teach Love comes in all shapes, and all being different is what makes the world beautiful.

user1474652148 Thu 25-Jan-18 22:11:48

It is better to teach children about the value of all human relationships at a young age.
You don't have to personally agree privately, if that is how you feel, but your child will be taught all sorts of things you won't agree with necessarily. That is the point of a rounded varied education.
Your child deserves the chance to make up his own mind - to be well educated and capable of being his own person. Poisoning his young mind so soon, isolating him away from his class is terribly unfair on him.

Needaneusername Thu 25-Jan-18 22:11:58

There was a girl at my school whose parents wouldn't let her go to the sex ed lesson. Everyone laughed at her a bit. Wasn't her fault of course.

But assuming you are happy for your ds to know about heterosexuals I don't see why you wouldn't want him to know about homosexuals.

LadyintheRadiator Thu 25-Jan-18 22:12:25

He probably already knows, or notices, or realises that not all couples are opposite sex/traditional/married. That not all families look the same.

You’ve overthinking it really.

Biscuitsneeded Thu 25-Jan-18 22:13:09

Your 'way of life/religion' is a choice. You chose it, but you can't impose it on your son. Nobody is forcing your child to BE gay. They just want to educate him a little so he realises there is more than just your 'way of life'.
What will you do if your son turns out to be gay? You do realise there's a 1 in 10 chance, right? And that no amount of indoctrinating children in any religion can do anything about that?
Forgive me OP but you seem rather ignorant.

FFSenoughalready Thu 25-Jan-18 22:13:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SparklySeaShell Thu 25-Jan-18 22:13:28

Yikes! At that age you do realise it'll be 'you can choose to have Jane as your girlfriend or John as your boyfriend, just be with whoever you love the most and that's absolutely fine.' And the kids will go 'oh ok' and that'll be it!

Greensleeves Thu 25-Jan-18 22:13:38

It's probably not a whole session dedicated to wanton sodomy OP, it's probably a sex and relationships session in which same-sex relationships will be mentioned, because they are a normal part of British society. Your son probably already knows, tbh. Hopefully he'll grow up well-informed and self-confident and decide your mediaeval beliefs aren't for him after all.

LadyintheRadiator Thu 25-Jan-18 22:13:50

It’s not like they’re going to announce it like a revelation. It’s not a big reveal.

0hCrepe Thu 25-Jan-18 22:14:15

Teach you that actually being gay is ok and acceptable. To say your religion forbids it is contrast to saying you’re ok with it. You obviously don’t think it’s ok if you’re following that part of your religion. How about thinking for yourself and forbidding hatred instead? Have you ever questioned what you’re actually following? Is it loving and peaceful to disapprove of 2 people loving each other, not hurting anyone else?

AnnoyedByAlfieBear Thu 25-Jan-18 22:14:38

My mother left us and came out as gay when I was 5. I would have LOVED a lesson like this at school. I felt like I couldn't share anything of my Home life with friends til I was much much older. sad
My dc (5 and 3) will never need this lesson as it is now part of their normal everyday life for them. I hope they don't feel the way I did. Parents like you don't help anyone.

ForTheLoveOfSleep Thu 25-Jan-18 22:15:01

"you guys are judging me for what I believe in"

Yes. Just like you and your religion judge gay people.confused

yasminluv Thu 25-Jan-18 22:15:20

I’m not homophobic but I’d like to Thanks the guys that addressed this for me well

And for the ones calling me all these things Thankyou

Eilasor Thu 25-Jan-18 22:15:57

Explain it to your DC before the day if you'd like to tell them yourself. That's fine.

There are no same sex parents at my DCs school. These children need to learn that it's something normal while they're still young and accepting rather than being confused and judgemental as adults (as a lot of adults are).

Even if you follow a religion in which same sex marriage is forbidden (fine! Your choice!), your child will still need to be aware that they exist outside of your religion. Because they do. Commonly In this country. And most people accept that.

You can tell your DC that it's wrong if you like, that it's sinful and that you wouldn't accept him engaging in such a relationship - but don't exclude him from it. As Pps have said, his classmates will only exaggerate what they've been told anyway.

yasminluv Thu 25-Jan-18 22:17:56

Why would I hate any other human being I accept ppl with whatever they believe in and respect them equally. It’s there choice not mine I make my own choice and everyone else makes theirs
I will teach my son acceptance and tolerance

sirfredfredgeorge Thu 25-Jan-18 22:18:03

Your religion is homophobic, you may not be, although I cannot reconcile how someone can have such fundamental differences with their religion and still follow it to the extent that they force the views they don't agree with on their children.

Alisvolatpropiis Thu 25-Jan-18 22:18:06

Your religion isn’t one of the ones which extols the virtues of tolerance, then? Shame.

SparklySeaShell Thu 25-Jan-18 22:18:45

This is going well! grin

ridinghighinapril Thu 25-Jan-18 22:18:55

My 7 & 4y old are already aware of same-sex relationships and have been for some time. They know men & men /women & women / men & women can love each offer - to them it is a fact and nothing more. There is no issue if an issue is not made of it.

ShitWit Thu 25-Jan-18 22:19:07

Dds school just talked about different family setups. That children live with a variety of people, some with mam and dad, some with mam and stepdad, some with dad and man etc etc etc.
I’m surprised that at seven he hasn’t noticed same sex relationships in the world around him. I’d want him to know that that part of his families religion is outdated and doesn’t apply and that it’s totally normal to be gay and not forbidden at all.

SimultaneousEquation Thu 25-Jan-18 22:20:32

OP, I’m sorry if I’ve been harsh. We don’t gamble, because of my religious beliefs - it’s not a thing that comes up very often, but I don’t buy raffle tickets or charity lotteries. I explain to the kids that gambling is something that some people do, and that it’s not something I do, and I explain why it is an aspect of my faith. I’m not judgemental - I can see that buying a raffle ticket at the school Christmas fair isn’t a big deal - but I explain that we have choices and I have chosen to follow this principle because of my faith.

I wonder if something similar would work for you?

BIWI Thu 25-Jan-18 22:20:48

I will teach my son acceptance and tolerance

That's great. So how come you don't want him to be in this lesson?

fulltimeworkingmotherof4 Thu 25-Jan-18 22:21:14

My 9 year old Dd is in year 5 and s school councillor. She’s been tasked with doing an assembly for the whole of KS2 about LGBT
and I couldn’t be happier. It’s part of society, my mum is gay and my girls have grown up knowing this. Each to their own I guess but it’s just a fact of life.

yasminluv Thu 25-Jan-18 22:22:36

Well I guess everyone here is an atheist. I just explained to you alllll that it’s not a personal attack on anyone and I’m not HOMOPHOPIC.

Thistlebelle Thu 25-Jan-18 22:23:50

I think it’s highly unlikely that a 7yo isn’t already at least peripherally aware that sometimes two men or two women form relationships.

If you plan to teach your child acceptance and tolerance, it would seem that this would be a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that.

Nothing magic is going to happen by age of 9 that will make this easier for him other than the fact the his friends and classmates will have already given him all the details of the lesson you withdrew him from and you waited two years to give him your views.

You can’t hold back the world from your children, you need to fit them for it.

Pannacott Thu 25-Jan-18 22:24:23

He's growing up in a family which holds certain religious beliefs, and in a culture which is legally non-religious, and where is is illegal to discriminate against gay people.

There are (rightly) many positive depictions of gay couples and families, including on children's tv, children's books and this will be the situation which his classmates families too.

This culture clash is going to be confusing for him, and he isn't going to 'not notice it', if you withdraw him from the class.

Surely the best thing you can do is find out more about what the teaching will be, perhaps even attend with him, and then have an informed supportive perspective, and be able as a family to discuss the tension between it being religiously not allowed but culturally and legally it is allowed.

Having this conversation with him, and within your family, is surely better than ignoring it - he will be learning about it anyway.

MissMouseMcPhee Thu 25-Jan-18 22:24:31

I almost can't believe that there is a need for a special class in same sex relationships... i think that in this day and age that's a bit weird. If you live in the UK where gay marriage is legal then surely same sex relationships would just be incorporated naturally into all relationship/sex education lessons. To differentiate it in this way , to me is actually quite backwards. "Ok today kids we're going to talk about the gays...." Weird... does anyone else have experience of a special same sex relationship class. My kids certainly haven't had one?

SimultaneousEquation Thu 25-Jan-18 22:25:02

Not an atheist 🙋🏻‍♀️

Greensleeves Thu 25-Jan-18 22:25:28

You are homophobic. You've already said that same-sex relationships are banned in your religion, you follow that religion and you want it to stay that way. And you started this thread asking us to help you in hiding a fundamental human truth from your child.

Are you really surprised by the response? confused

yasminluv Thu 25-Jan-18 22:26:22

That’s exactly what I will do and the other thing is I didn’t know what they would say so I was naive on what might the discussion be in class exactly

TheRebel Thu 25-Jan-18 22:26:38

You have the right to believe what you want but no one has to respect your beliefs, and I for one don’t respect any religion that says being a homosexual is a sin.

PatriciaHolm Thu 25-Jan-18 22:27:03

I have no idea from an educational point of view what the lesson will entail, other than a cursory nod to the topic within the standard SRE education for this age, On a practical level, OP - how are you going to avoid his classmates telling him all about it? Or him asking them after his interest has been piqued by the fact he was withdrawn? Surely that's going to make him more interested not less!

ShitWit Thu 25-Jan-18 22:27:40

How can you say you are. It homophobic when earlier in the thread you said

*I’m fine with all your saying but I’m my religion same sex relationships are forbidden and we do follow it at home and I just want it to continue like that*

Wanting to teach your child that being gay is forbidden is homophobic. You dint want him to learn about different relationships because you want to continue following believing being gay is forbidden. If yours is a religion where women are seen as less will you be teaching and following that at home too? Plenty of people are religious without being bigoted and have left those outdated idea in the past when whatever book they follow was written. If any of the dc have gay parents or family members and your child tells them it’s forbidden, could he be in trouble with school?

Greensleeves Thu 25-Jan-18 22:27:46

Well, they certainly won't tell the children that same-sex relationships are wrong. Because they aren't confused

Aeroflotgirl Thu 25-Jan-18 22:29:18

My goodness, op has every right to be concerned and to discuss this with the teacher. I think it should be taught later in yr 4 or 5, when kids have a better understanding of relationships. My ds nearly 6 would be totally baffled by it. He does not understand about about relationships, marriage, he really isen't that interested in it. For me, it would not be needed yet.

TheFallenMadonna Thu 25-Jan-18 22:29:39

For young children, It's all about love, not about sex. It's as easy to acknowledge that some women fall in love with women, and some men fall in love with men, as it is that some men fall in love with women, and some women with men. I don't see how you can teach tolerance of something unacknowledged. I'm not an atheist.

Greensleeves Thu 25-Jan-18 22:30:58

Aeroflot, your 6yo doesn't know that adults form couples, sometimes get married and live together? Wow

Glumglowworm Thu 25-Jan-18 22:31:02

You are being ridiculous and homophobic. And you are the exact reason that schools need to teach kids about this stuff, so that your kids have a chance to grow up less bigoted than you

Your child knows that adults have romantic relationships. The only extra bit in this lesson is that sometimes men love men and women love women. That’s a fact. There’s nothing to object to.

I hope for your child’s sake that he doesn’t grow up to be gay

TheFallenMadonna Thu 25-Jan-18 22:31:49

How would it be better to acknowledge that some people fall in love with people of the same sex after children have developed a schema of relationships that is exclusively heterosexual?

yasminluv Thu 25-Jan-18 22:32:16

Greensleeves, I do follow my religion and I do respect it so if I am in your eyes so be it not bothered. All I care about is my child I asked because I thought I’d get answers on what I asked not called all sorts off names

SheGotBetteDavisEyes Thu 25-Jan-18 22:32:24

My 7 & 4y old are already aware of same-sex relationships and have been for some time. They know men & men /women & women / men & women can love each offer - to them it is a fact and nothing more. There is no issue if an issue is not made of it.

Same here. My DC are aware of same sex relationships as much as they are any other. It's just another normal thing/bit of life.

Thistlebelle Thu 25-Jan-18 22:33:16

Aero your 6 year old doesn’t understand relationships?


He doesn’t have close friends, have examples of loving adult relationships within his family? Parents, Grandparents Aunts and Uncles?

What is there to “understand”?

Greensleeves Thu 25-Jan-18 22:33:50

You're going to have a tough time shielding your child from all the realities of normal life in the 21st century, then. Have you considered home educating him? Forever?

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