Looking for Schools (Private or State in Berks Or Oxon) ideal for children with GDD / Learning Difficulties

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MarniCann Thu 25-Jan-18 14:37:28

Hi there.

I'm going to be moving to the South Oxfordshire / Berkshire area and was wondering if anyone knew of any good schools (private or state) for children with GDD / Learning difficulties?

My daughter is 6 and has GDD. She's in a mainstream school at the moment and has learning support. But we are moving out of London and want to make sure the area we want to move to has decent schools that would cater for our daughter's needs. We have started to do some research, but I just thought I'd put it out there to the good people on Mumsnet and see what experiences and recommendations you have with regards to schools for GDD.


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beautifulgirls Thu 25-Jan-18 20:27:23

I'd suggest you repost in SN children for people who are more likely to know and see this post.

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