Putney High Vs. Roche School

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kb15london Thu 25-Jan-18 10:33:16

Hi, Our little girl has been offered a place in Putney High & Roche. We were wondering which might be the best choice.. can you help in listing pros & cons of both please..it might help us make our decision.. Many thanks!

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jellycat1 Thu 25-Jan-18 10:43:04

Putney High goes all the way through as opposed to Roche whee you'd have to move at 11. That may or not be a con to you. I've known PHS all my life and know many former and current pupils as well as friends with little girls desperate to get in! I toured Roche but didn't register there as didn't like it much. I found it pokey and messy. PHS would be a no brainer for me.

kb15london Thu 25-Jan-18 12:02:48

Thanks jellycat1. That is definitely a plus to have a school that goes all the way through. Just wondered if a co-ed & a small homely school is better.. I loved PHS as well & the facilities it offers. Hence wanted to get some feedback from mums who have kids going there..

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simona28 Thu 25-Jan-18 12:29:46

I have been looking at both schools (although they are a bit away from where we live so we will not apply to either). I thought Roche was exactly what a child who is 4 yrs old, reqires: felt like a cosy home, nice and warm. When I cast my mind back to what I was doing when I was 4yrs to 10 years old, i was hardly doing any serious stuff that reqired a lot of facilities and space! All that came after I was a bit older!

Also important to consider: Roche is much cheaper than PHS.

jellycat1 Thu 25-Jan-18 13:32:29

I'm all for small and homely. In the end I went for Merlin which is both. But Roche felt just too pokey for me. Horses for courses. Have you looked at Prospect House? I loved it there. Would have chosen it over all the Putney preps if I'd had girls.

Rumpleteezer Thu 25-Jan-18 16:40:24

Interested to hear opinions as my DD had got a place at Putney too. We lived Roche but thought it a little cramped. Where would you be looking to go at 11?

kb15london Fri 26-Jan-18 10:13:15

Thanks all for your inputs.. the fact that Roche is cheaper weighs on our mind as well.. We didnt look at Prospect House..

@Rumpleteezer: Yes, exactly my thoughts on Roche & same confusion about what at 11 if we choose Roche.. Where are you inclined at the moment?

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Rumpleteezer Fri 26-Jan-18 10:33:01

Ahh I've just looked up the fees and yes, a lot dearer at PHS. We are in a tricky position of being on the doorstep of an excellent state school and I have no idea what to do! My instinct is to take the PHS place as we loved the facilities, languages and opportunities on offer but we have three children so it's hard to justify the cost at this age.

simona28 Fri 26-Jan-18 16:05:19

Cast back your mind to how much of academics mattered when you were 5-6 years old vs what values you were given at home. I think the need for facilities etc kicks in at secondary school level. The money you save could be their Uni fund/House fund.
Especially if you have an outstanding state school at your doorstep I would think its a no-brainer to send them to state!!

jeanne16 Sat 27-Jan-18 18:16:48

I think you would really regret turning down Putney High when you get caught up with the dreaded 11+. Most parents would give their right arms for a place at 4.

Mozartinmyfanjo Sat 27-Jan-18 18:25:34

Prospect House is fantastic, if you want co-ed. DS has been there since the nursery. Really nice environment and great teaching standards. I don’t have direct experience of Putney High but friends who have their daughters there speak highly of it.

kb15london Fri 02-Feb-18 11:21:20

Thank you everyone. All the information shared is very valuable indeed. We have realized 11+ is a big deal after all. Hadn't thought too much about that earlier. All inputs much appreciated...

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swmum1234 Tue 24-Apr-18 06:16:41

If your looking for a school that values both academics as well as nurturing each individual child The Roche is absolutely the school! I do not know much about PH though! Good Luck!

Roseredvelvet Tue 24-Apr-18 17:37:34

My biggest regret was not applying to a solid school that goes all the way through. Dd11 has just sat the 11+ and it really is a stressful time for both children and parents. Also preps prepare kids for the 11+ so year 5 & 6 are just that, prep. In light of this my ds8 sat the 8+ and hopefully he might learn some interesting things during those years. My friends children are at Roche and she's disappointed by the academic standards. Putney High is a great school, I wouldn't hesitate to accept.

janedowe Fri 04-May-18 12:05:33

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KGmom Tue 03-Jul-18 09:14:22

Any Merlin parents here . Please help , I need to decide for my son by mid day today and really need to talk . Please let me know if I can call you . Thanks

TigerMum8 Wed 22-Apr-20 17:11:30

It’s a common misconception that all through means ‘all through’ and That one is spared the tribulations of the 11+. Pupils still need to take the 11+ to progress to the senior school. If they don’t pass you will not be given the same assistance in finding a suitable senior school as you would at a dedicated primary prep whose main function is to send pupils to suitable senior schools.

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