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Which schools in Southgate/Palmers Green?

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Sengah Tue 23-Jan-18 20:04:13

Hi, we are looking to buy a house in "the lakes estate" in Southgate but have been dismayed that is seems to be a bit of a black hole for primary schools - I have two children 2.6y & newborn. We can't do the church attendance thing (for St Monica's) as we are not catholic.

I'd love some advice from anyone on here who knows the area - what do families do for school?!


ificouldiwould Thu 08-Feb-18 12:00:44

If you are close to the top end of Lakes Estate (towards Southgate) then you might have a chance of getting into Walkers School. The catchment used to be about a third of a mile but I have heard it's got a bit bigger recently. Also, Osidge School at Southgate is good - again you would need to be at the top end of Fox Lane to stand any chance. Hazelwood School also has a good reputation.

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