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cleanwindows Tue 23-Jan-18 18:57:13

Our 4 year old will be starting primary school this September. There were always two main schools in the running for us but it has been very difficult making the decision about which one is right. Both are very good but very different.
Application has now been made but I’m still not 100% happy over whether we’ve made the right choice. They both have their pros and cons.
It’s actually quite stressful I don’t seem to be able to make peace with it! I’m worried I’ve gone with my head and not my heart.
Not much we can do now I guess but else in the same boat?

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Bryna Tue 23-Jan-18 19:01:46

In the sane boat here!! I’ve gone, it’ll all be down to stats! 1st School, my dc is familiar with, convenient for work, 2nd School will definitely get in but will be a nightmare for School runs! Both much of a muchness education wise.

Bryna Tue 23-Jan-18 19:03:06

*its all done and now it’ll be down to stats!

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