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Pinkpig74 Tue 23-Jan-18 15:21:47

I am seriously considering applying for the role of parent governor. This is the first time I've done anything like this so I'd welcome any feedback on my personal statement. I realise it might end up being a popularity contest but I want to give it a good shot! Thanks.

My name is xxxxxx and I am mum to xxxxxx (Year One) and xxxxxx (due to start Reception in September 2018). With your support, I would be delighted to take on the role of Parent Governor.

If I were to be appointed my aim would be to make a positive and valuable contribution to the Governing Body to ensure that the strategic goals of the school are in the best interests of all children and that the school’s leadership team is appropriately supported, through its policies, procedures and practices, to ensure that each and every pupil can reach their potential.

I will bring a wide and varied skill set to the team, including financial experience and the ability to confidently challenge, asking difficult questions where necessary. As a qualified accountant currently working as an Internal Audit Manager I understand what a strong governance structure looks like and I am also good at listening, remaining objective and working alongside senior management to raise standards.

As a working mum, the decision to apply for this post is not one I’ve taken lightly but I fully understand the commitment, both in time and energy, it will take to be an active member of the Governing Body. I would welcome the opportunity to play a part in the continued success and future development of the school as a representative parent, for the benefit of all the children who are lucky enough to attend our fabulous school now or in the future. Thank you for your support."

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CrumbsThatsQuick Tue 23-Jan-18 15:44:23

Sounds amazing. Well done, very impressive.

I might just add something about representing the parents as well.... I am sure you could word it better than me!

CrumbsThatsQuick Tue 23-Jan-18 15:45:36

Ah, sorry I see you already did... missed it! Maybe more about representing thier views and wishes for the school.

Mumski45 Tue 23-Jan-18 15:56:26

I am also a parent governor and an accountant. I think your application sounds fab and you really do have a lot to offer. However, a parent governor is a representative parent and not a parents representative on the board. You are not there to represent the views of parents, in my experience many people (governors included) have this misconception. Your role is effectively the same as any other governor.
Good luck.

Neolara Tue 23-Jan-18 15:59:51

Sounds good. Mumski is correct that your role is not to represent parents' views so I wouldn't suggest you will be doing that. Good luck!

Pinkpig74 Tue 23-Jan-18 16:06:10

Wow - thanks everyone for your prompt replies. I'm quite excited by the prospect! grin

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MrsHathaway Tue 23-Jan-18 16:50:20

I would lose the "if I were to be appointed" paragraph because it doesn't say anything. Start with your killer skills section!!

And maybe a little more detail about what makes the school good (supportive? aspirational?).


MsJolly Tue 23-Jan-18 16:59:18

Looks great ! I'm a parent governor and have been for 18months now and love it. It's all about being that critical friend and providing challenge as well as support.
I'm now Chair of a committee as well as being on another and having responsibilities for Pupil premium funding so it does take a lot of my time-& it's not all evening meetings either. This week will be about 12hrs so you need to be fairly flexible. Good luck!

Pinkpig74 Tue 23-Jan-18 17:04:18

Thanks very much - I've spoken with my employer who has agreed to be flexible if I need to take time out during the day, so that has made my decision to apply much easier. I really do want to give it my best shot.

I just need to check the number of words I'm allowed, but good to have suggestions of bits to remove if need be.

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roundtable Tue 23-Jan-18 17:07:47

Needs to be no more than 250 words.

Good luck op - you sound like you'll be a dedicated addition.

From a fellow parent governor brew

TyneTeas Tue 23-Jan-18 17:43:31

If they are in need of your particular skillset, they may look to co-opt you anyway (accountant/auditing skills are frequently gaps on the board)

Good luck!

ZigZagIntoTheBlue Tue 23-Jan-18 17:57:36

I'm a clerk to a GB, it sounds great smile

BubblesBuddy Tue 23-Jan-18 18:07:50

As someone who has been involved with school governance for 30 years, you sound just the right person to be a Governor.

I echo the views that you are not a representative of the parents, so what you have said is correct. I do actually like your paragraph about being appointed (you could say if I am elected) because you have grasped that the SLT (and other staff you may like to add) need support to do their jobs and that the key role is to ensure the children have an excellent education. Mentioning strategic goals is also very important and shows you know how the GB works, as well as your comment about appropriate challenge.

It is great your employer is supportive and I agree with others that you should be co-opted if you don't get voted on. Hopefully your parent body can see beyond any beauty contest. Good luck.

BubblesBuddy Tue 23-Jan-18 18:09:20

By the way, most accountants on Governing Bodies hate the way local authorities do their accounts - just to let you know!

Ilikesweetpeas Tue 23-Jan-18 18:11:43

I'm a parent governor and this sounds great, just check your word limit though- I wasn't allowed to write more than 50 words which was crazy! I really enjoy the role and the relationship I have with the school because of it. It is time consuming to do properly but you clearly know that. Good luck

BrendansDanceShoes Tue 23-Jan-18 18:31:30

Crikey, any governing board would be falling over themselves to have you on the team! Even if you are not successful, and that'll only be due to these things sometimes being a popularity contest, the board may seriously consider co opting you on. Good luck😀

Pinkpig74 Tue 23-Jan-18 19:49:36

Oh my goodness! I'm blown away by everyone's kind and constructive comments. Thank you.

Back to the drawing board now's a 50 word limit, which seems crazy for such an important role.

So, which bits of my statement are most important? The skills bit? Or do I need to try and include a word or two about supporting the management team to deliver the best for the pupils?

That'll teach me to for getting carried away without reading the paperwork first! blush

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MrsHathaway Tue 23-Jan-18 20:06:34

Pinkpig has DC1 in Year One and DC2 joining the school in September. As a qualified accountant currently working as an Internal Audit Manager I understand what a strong governance structure looks like and I am also good at listening, remaining objective and working alongside senior management to raise standards.

I make that fifty but have rusty maths.

admission Tue 23-Jan-18 22:19:08

I agree. 50 words is just ridiculous and begs the question about how serious the governing board are about finding someone of the right calibre for the position.
There are serious vacancy levels in many governing boards, so if you are not successful I would encourage you with your back ground to consider other governing boards. You can find out where there are vacancies at Inspiring Governance or SGOSS websites

Alabasterangel6 Tue 23-Jan-18 22:24:42

Good luck. I am a Chair now. I think you have valuable skills.

If you are appointed then there is a very valuable FB group which provides endless support and a sounding board - message me if you are successful and I can send you a link.

Lots of training and learning initially, particularly around legislation and acronyms (the modern governor app is handy for that) but once you get into it you’ll be fine.

Let us know how you get on!

Millybingbong Tue 23-Jan-18 22:29:35

Alabaster I d like to know that fb group I'm a governor too please

TyneTeas Tue 23-Jan-18 22:58:52

(I've previously asked MNHQ for a Governor topic to be considered, if anyone is interested in commenting )

Neolara Tue 23-Jan-18 23:12:00

I agree that the Facebook group is very helpful. It's called "school governors UK" and you have to ask to join.

Partyfops Tue 23-Jan-18 23:18:26

Can I go against the grain and say it sounds all a bit too corporate.

Make it a bit more about the kids! More personable. More people to warn to it.

MrsHathaway Tue 23-Jan-18 23:32:32

Is it blurb for the GB or for a ballot paper? Our parent governors are elected and have a couple of hundred words to sell themselves to the parent body.

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