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Any parents from The Mall or Staines Prep

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Mummymode Sat 20-Jan-18 07:59:30

Hi all.
We have very recently visited the school, for my son also for a 7+ entry, year 3 start in sept. We are contemplating staines Prep too. He has assessments due at both. We have a younger son who will also be starting at one of them in the reception class. My husband and I are both state school educated, and are new to the independent school route. We like both schools for different reasons. Does anyone have experience of either which may help us make our decision? We like that The Mall will have a good number of boys joining the school new at year 3, and hope this will make the move earlier for my eldest. At Staines Prep, he will essentially be the new boy. Both have good destination schools, The Mall has a more traditional feel and Staines feels more like a really really good primary (neither is a negative comment). We like the heads at both, a lot. Staines is a bigger prep starting from 3 forms from reception (this will make no difference to my year 3 boy, but thought the smaller pre prep at The Mall might be better for my reception starter). They are both moving from a very small school but are also very socialable and happy confident boys. The Mall is more ££ when considering two children, but this is not the main priority when choosing, it just helps.
My husband and I are just so confused, would appreciate any help xx

Ami01 Mon 12-Feb-18 11:15:25

Hi Mummymode, we are in similar situation but returning expats two DS for year 2 and year 5 in Sep, we prefer Mall as it feels more academically high achieving (was super impressed with the head and the tour) however SPS seems good too, it has a high number of grammar offers which will help in secondary.

Mall do not have a place for elder DS in yr 5, so we are thinking going with Mall for younger but elder DS for SPS as he only has 2 years to go regardless.

Good luck.

Mummymode Tue 13-Feb-18 08:44:14

Hi @Ami01
Great to hear from you. Yes I do agree with that point, and I guess that was the major favorable point the Mall has over SPS. However after way too many discussions we then decided to go back and visit both schools again with both boys and my eldest spent a day in each school in the relevant class. In the end we went with SPS. We loved both heads equally, both have us so much time, both had children they sent to the school. Everything was toe to toe for us (although the mall had that edge with the higher academic feel) however we found that SPS also had a nurturing feel throughout the school, and the teachers were so enthusiastic (I’m sure they are at the mall was just things we had to start picking out things to help us decide) and it’s a co-ed. Just hope we have made the right decision! Will probs see you around come September with your year 5 DS xxxx

Dobssingh Tue 22-May-18 01:37:55

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