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oxbridge Tue 16-Jan-18 17:59:43

What can anyone tell me about Ludgrove boarding school?
Any personal experiences with the school will be very much appreciated.
The pastoral care?
Boarding accommodations?
How often do boys have phone contact with there families?
What are your opinions of the matrons?

Thanks, Judy

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Biscusting Tue 16-Jan-18 18:01:21

No advice sorry

I think there is a whole topic dedicated to boarding you might get more knowledgable people there.

nottinghillsam Thu 08-Feb-18 11:48:17

DS1 is currently at Ludgrove. Honestly, he believes he is in heaven. I also now sometimes daydream about checking myself in there for a spa week. DS2 counting down days to his own start there.

Of course, it wouldn't be for everyone, but if boarding at 8 is on your family agenda then I am not sure that you could do better. (I was not a boarding groupie, but I have now been totally won over.) We had a long-running family "debate" about relative merits of Wetherby Prep, Sussex House, Summer Fields, Dragon and Ludgrove. This turns out to have been one of very few occasions in our marriage that I am now relieved that I was basically over-ruled by DH/DS1 alliance. (I argued strongly for Summer Fields, DS1 got a place but at a certain stage DH/DS1 just won somehow - neither could explain logically, but were absolutely clear that Ludgrove would be better. "If you don't understand, we can't help you" classic line I recall from time to time.)

Boarding accom is 8-12yo idea of a 5* hotel. Not "shiny" but tremendously solid and orderly. Pastoral is, frankly, brilliant (I have actually had to seriously reconsider some of my own more control-freakery parental inclinations in light of DS1's reaction to Ludgrove approach.)

Phones, tablets etc absolutely outlawed, but master/mistress of each class has mobile phone dedicated to boys' use and there is a post-lunch slot for parental calls. Even in early days it became clear that this is entirely for parents' (ok, mothers') benefit as 90% of boys totally unconcerned. This causes some parental worry/friction ironically confined to those parents who are more-than-average determined to speak to sons. My own DS1 has made it abundantly clear that he would vastly prefer to be playing "Stick" in the "yard" than talk to me. DH points out that this is significantly preferable to having to worry about homesickness etc. Most boys talk on phone once a week, my own probably not more than once every half and content with that. I have now overcome the sense of humiliation that initially caused.

Matrons lovely. Rather grandmaternal really initially in feel in VIs and IVs (confusingly years 4 and 5 respectively - it's how they keep outsiders "out.") Subsequent years more of a confident big sis feel particularly from fleet of "gappers." Recent addition to houseparents has upped glamour stakes significantly.

Best decision of our lives (but have little satisfaction from this as I am consistently reminded that it was a decision made against my inclinations.) Achingly wonderful.

Happy to help with more specific queries, but from position of signed up cult member.

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