Moving house during school application

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cofffeequeen Mon 15-Jan-18 21:43:23

Looking for some advice as I can't see anything on the council website....

I moved in to a rented property approx 6 months ago. I submitted ds primary application last week for the local school which I know will be accepted - we are well within catchment.. I have just been given notice of redundancy and the only position I can find is at a lower salary. I was paid over and above in my current job along with great benefits .
Given that I have to take a pay cut and will struggle to pay the bills I am contemplating moving only 5 miles away but to a cheaper area where I can rent the same house for 250pcm less.

The question is - will my application still stand for the primary I have applied for given that I lived in the area at the time or will I have to apply elsewhere?

Thanks in advance

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prh47bridge Mon 15-Jan-18 23:44:18

Your application definitely still stands, although you may have the opportunity to change it in the next few weeks depending on the council. What is less certain is whether they will use your new address or your existing address for application purposes. That depends on when you move and the rules of your council.

If you can say which council is involved I may be able to find out more for you. Feel free to PM me if you don't want to post that information publicly.

GrockleBocs Mon 15-Jan-18 23:48:56

Can you afford to stay where you are until offer day and present evidence of the timeline if challenged?

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