Primary school admissions website has been down since yesterday

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LordBuckethead Mon 15-Jan-18 10:39:48

And the deadline for applications is today.

I've spoken to council, they say IT dept are working on it, but can't advise when or if the website will be available, or what to do if you can't apply today.


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Charmatt Mon 15-Jan-18 10:49:32

Can you apply by phone?

LordBuckethead Mon 15-Jan-18 10:52:30

Nope sad

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Solasum Mon 15-Jan-18 10:55:21

Can you physically go to the Council offices and refuse to leave until someone has accepted responsibility for receiving your written application before the deadline?

frogsoup Mon 15-Jan-18 10:55:30

There should be a paper application option - can you get down to the council offices today and fill it out the form and submit it there and then? Obviously if the computer system is down they need to extend the deadline, but rather than worry about whether or not they'll actually do that, I'd be going with the paper option if possible.

LordBuckethead Mon 15-Jan-18 12:52:28

Bloody hell that was stressful! After spending the morning refreshing the page and starting to panic, it's back up and working and I've now finally submitted. Phew!

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BubblesBuddy Mon 15-Jan-18 13:15:17

And the moral of the story is: don’t leave it to the last minute and make the web site crash!


LordBuckethead Mon 15-Jan-18 15:25:14

Haha yes well there's a very good reason I left it till the last minute!

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