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Oakfield1977 Thu 11-Jan-18 16:53:23

Hi there. We have recently moved to Longparish in Hampshire, as it has a very good (Ofsted Outstanding) primary school. Recently, Amport Primary School (a 20 minute drive away) has also come very highly recommended by parents at my daughter's nursery, although it only received a Good from a recent Ofsted report. Apparently it will be under-subscribed for Sept 2018 so it does seem like there may be places. Does anyone have any comments, good or not so good on Amport primary school. The deadline for making a choice is midnight on Monday so any thoughts would be hugely helpful.

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Excitablemuch Sun 14-Jan-18 07:34:06

Longparish is historically a very good school. I think, if I'm right, it currently has no permanent headteacher (or certainly a very new one). The previous head and deputy left the school at the same time (they were husband and wife) and it was in the national press as they made a stand about the state of education. Due to the area and catchment I can't imagine a new leadership team having too much trouble there!
Amport is also a very good school, tops the league tables, of your child is academic they will thrive there!
There are many other options in the area- Amport way there is also Kimpton, Thruxton and Fyfield- great school on a very recent steep improvement I hear. There is also a lot of small schools near longparish with excellent results.

I would suggest looking round and getting a good feel for the head and school...... lovely area to move to!

Oakfield1977 Tue 16-Jan-18 10:30:06

Thanks Exciteablemuch!

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Strawberrybubblebath Tue 16-Jan-18 22:21:45

Beware Outstanding Ofsteds. They can sometimes be from many years ago (my schools Outstanding Ofsted is from 2009!!!!!) and have no relevance to the schools current standard. Levels have changed recently so a recent Good Ofsted is actually very impressive and an old Outstanding can be worthless.

TinkerCharlie Sat 27-Apr-19 17:37:07

Old post I know, but if anyone does see this thread, Amport is now one of the top performing Primary schools in England (with the 1% range).

One article from February 2019:

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