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Bestoftimesworstoftimes Sun 07-Jan-18 00:11:15

I know I know it's late in the game.
I noticed for utility bill the criteria says 'within 3 months' but for bank statements it only states 'recent'. These are separate bullet pointed options on a list of possible proofs of address and we only need one.
I can only find a bank statement from September (Can't find a bill to hand and don't know if online versions are acceptable). Will this fly do you think ? Anyone with experience?
Also don't kmow if this is relevant/helpful - We have a sibling in the school and are living at the same address as when we applied for them.

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ReinettePompadour Sun 07-Jan-18 00:21:30

Just print off your most recent online bill or bank statement showing your address.

Most people are online for utilities now anyway.....except for me but that's because I'm a dinosaur and cant seem to do it.

I cant imagine them bothering with you too much given you already have a child at the school unless sibling priority is not one of the admission criteria.

I find it amazing that schools cannot access the voters register to check you live at your address yet the library do have full access to the voters register (At least they do here).

Whizziwig Sun 07-Jan-18 00:24:34

Do you have to give proof now? I think I only had to show proof of address to the school office at the start of Reception year. You can request a paper statement from your bank.

Bestoftimesworstoftimes Sun 07-Jan-18 00:25:22

Ah I didn't know if printouts were acceptable.
You are right it should be straightforward with a sibling yet somehow is still all so nerve wracking!

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Essexgirlupnorth Sun 07-Jan-18 00:28:34

My friend didn’t have to provide any proof last year for her second child who already had a sibling at the school. I would think they would accept print outs of statements

Dilligaf81 Sun 07-Jan-18 00:31:22

I work in a bank and we'd accept one within the last 6 months and I can't imagine the department for education are more stringent.

Dilligaf81 Sun 07-Jan-18 00:32:30

Or wait for this year's council tax bill I'm are I had to show this within a month of them starting.


Bestoftimesworstoftimes Sun 07-Jan-18 00:33:56

That is reassuring dillig - although it is in the hands of the local authority and I fear they are very stringent with many oversubscribed schools locally...

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Bestoftimesworstoftimes Sun 07-Jan-18 00:36:02

For those who say we don't need proof of address till later we definitely do need it now as we received an email saying that although we have submitted our applications it is incomplete without the relevant uploads. I'm really surprised it could be otherwise what with all the emphasis on tackling fraud in admissions lately

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Whizziwig Sun 07-Jan-18 07:57:29

It must vary by local authority. I definitely didn't have to provide anything at the time of application.

user789653241 Sun 07-Jan-18 09:10:01

We only had to provide council tax number or whatever online.
I don't think there's nothing to fear as long as your application is legit.

prh47bridge Sun 07-Jan-18 09:12:19

It does indeed vary by local authority. This is an area where each council makes its own rules.

Bestoftimesworstoftimes - If you are unsure your best approach is to speak to the admissions team at your council and get them to confirm what is acceptable. Normally I would recommend doing it in writing (i.e. email) but it is getting a bit close to the deadline and I don't know how quickly your council respond to emails. If you ring them make sure you send them an email afterwards confirming what they have said. That way you have evidence if they tell you one thing and do something else.

Witchend Sun 07-Jan-18 11:40:10

Sending a bill in seems a little naïve to me. I'm sure I could knock one up on the computer that would look good enough for someone glancing through 1000s of similar ones. I'm sure that must have been done at some point.grin

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