Eltham College Secondary - suitable for dyspraxia/dyslexia?

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nickygal69 Tue 02-Jan-18 23:26:24

Dear all, I'm new on here, and seeking advice re whether to send my DS to Eltham College senior school if he gets offered a place. He is bright and good at maths, IT, sports, BUT his literacy is only just secure. He has issues controlling his hand writing, producing enough quality content in lessons and his spelling indicates some possible dyslexia. They have offered him extra time in the exam, but once he gets in, will he just be struggling to keep up with the bright boys all the time? He might always be the last one in all the written lessons. How much academic pressure is there? Anyone had experience of a SEND child there? Otherwise I am considering Farringtons which I hear is very supportive, but it doesn't sound academic at all. Any advice? Thank you and Happy New Year. ( I will be pleased when all this revision is over!).

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beautifulgirls Wed 03-Jan-18 21:55:27

Farringtons is a lovely school - DD has dyslexia and gets support there. She is quite academic but struggles with her literacy but she is thriving in most of her subjects and is very happy there and expected to do well.

jenn55 Mon 12-Feb-18 09:59:21

Sorry to jump in on this chat but I am looking for advice on Eltham College senior school for my son.

Wondering if anyone has any ideas/experience as to the pastoral care at all?

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