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5yr olds walking across playground in knickers? Wrong?

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Radley Sat 21-Apr-07 16:33:59

I found out today that children in year 2 (about 5) were going to PE and some of the children were walking across the playground in their knickers and pumps.

Is it just me, or is that downright wrong

earlgrey Sat 21-Apr-07 16:36:56

Erm, why? Did some of them forget their PE kit? Have to say, wouldn't bother me in the slightest, but I have no scruples.

alipiggie Sat 21-Apr-07 16:41:30

When I was that age (a very long time ago ) that was the PE Kit - vest, knickers and black slip-on pumps. Really don't see what's wrong with it.

zippitippitoes Sat 21-Apr-07 16:42:23

just knickers? or vests or tees

slondonmum Sat 21-Apr-07 16:42:35

nor do I ...

zippitippitoes Sat 21-Apr-07 16:43:29

if it worries you just put her in big dark knickers on pe day/for school

DarrellRivers Sat 21-Apr-07 16:46:01

the more fuss is made about nakedness, the more 'abnormal 'it is perceived
they are 5 , i bet they weren't worried about it

RustyBear Sat 21-Apr-07 16:47:43

Don't think it's a problem in Y2, but our summer PE uniform in secondary school was Aertex shirt & navy knickers. When I was 14 our school field was reseeded and we had to go to the nearby police cadet college - across the road & down the path which was usually lined with leering police cadets.......

margoandjerry Sat 21-Apr-07 16:50:08

my sister used to have to do a cross country run (including running through Kingston town centre so not much country there) in just t shirt and gym knickers. It's like a horrible dream isn't it? Running through a shopping centre in just your knickers!

Fine for little'uns at school though.

earlgrey Sat 21-Apr-07 16:52:06

5 children or age 5? 'Cos if they're aged 5 they're not gonna be in Y2. Not that it matters.

DarrellRivers Sat 21-Apr-07 16:52:44

I used to wear knockers for pe, but all of mine were v old and had holes in and the boys used to laugh at me.
was only 5, but still
my mum asked why i didn't tell her sooner (it took a whole term)

LIZS Sat 21-Apr-07 16:54:29

lol @ knockers ! We also did PE until about 14 in knickers but at an all girls shcool.

DarrellRivers Sat 21-Apr-07 16:56:36

haha didn't notice the knockers

roisin Sat 21-Apr-07 16:59:26

One of the infant schools we looked round had "PE kit" of vest and knickers, and bare feet: I quite liked that idea.

Though I don't understand why they were walking across the playground.

Our primary has a "PE uniform", and I think it's a real nighmare in reception. The teacher clearly had a rigid routine:
OK Everybody take your sweatshirt off and put it on over the back of your chair.
Next everybody take your shirt off and fold it neatly on your chair.

How do I know this? Because the day they had a supply teacher it was complete chaos and they all came out wearing each others' clothes, and it took weeks and weeks to sort it all out

Rhubarb Sat 21-Apr-07 16:59:52

No worries. Don't see why children should be denied their innocence just because of a minority of sickos and I would applaud your school for not being over the top with pc-ness.

sixthformmum Sat 21-Apr-07 17:03:57

There was a secondary girls school near us many years back when I was a child where the girls (11-15) played netball in aertex tops and knickers.

For some reason netball was very popular with older men and they must have been expecting bad weather as they all had their raincoats on.

I wouldn't worry about a KS1 age child doing pe in knickers they are only babies

stleger Sat 21-Apr-07 17:04:10

I had to wear marroon gym knickers in public until I was 14 (including mixed rounders when the athletic ones wer doing track and field). After 14 we only had them in the privacy of the girls' gym. We had big navy ones for under uniform, and they kept our kidneys warm.

earlgrey Sat 21-Apr-07 17:11:47

roisin, that reminds me of the day dd1 started school. They'd (apparently) done PE in the morning, and when I went to collect her she was wearing her school top on top of her PE shirt, inside out and back to front. Poor little thing ....

collision Sat 21-Apr-07 17:15:30

Good for the teacher.

Imagine trying to get 30 kids changed into PE kit!! The lesson would be over before it had begun!!

Nowt wrong with pants.

inanidealworld Mon 23-Apr-07 16:50:21

I think it's downright silly.

mrsflowerpot Mon 23-Apr-07 16:57:30

am having hideous flashback to school navy knickers now and PE teacher (and old girl of the school) saying she still had her old knickers and used them as dusters.

mrsflowerpot Mon 23-Apr-07 16:59:27

I actually can't remember when we were allowed to wear games skirts - was definitely senior school, but I think we still did indoor gym etc in the knickers until we were about 14.

CowsGoMoo Mon 23-Apr-07 19:28:35

Nothing wrong with this in my opinion. I did PE in vest and knickers at primary school with black pumps. It wasnt until I went to senior school that I got a gym skirt!

My sons school have vest and knickers for the infants and vest and shorts for the juniors

niceglasses Mon 23-Apr-07 19:30:33

Big knicker flashback here too - navy blue and bottle green. Lots of PE in knicks and vest here. Can't see the harm.

WendyWeber Mon 23-Apr-07 19:38:47

As long as they're wearing knickers and not thongs <faints> it seems OK to me.

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