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Trinity School Teignmouth

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Bryher1 Tue 12-Dec-17 23:17:44

I don't normally comment on sites like this but having dealt with a recent issue involving Trinity School in Teignmouth I now feel that I have too. I have been very happy with my boy in the school for two years but I have recently been informed that the school has been misinforming parents about two staff who have been arrested and convicted of pedophillia. One of which was working in the maintenance team so was in contact with my child. The school has not made this information known and has tried to cover this up. How dare they! When children are involved they must inform the parents but they didn't. I have since removed my child as their child protection is not sufficient. If you value your child's education and protection don't even give this school a chance.

cendrine Wed 20-Dec-17 08:14:27

I was researching the school last night is this really true?
how can i find our more about it? how did you discover he information?

IsThisReallyTrue Tue 13-Mar-18 15:47:27

I am surprised that this accusation has not been addressed. Why has the school not responded?

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