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Snowno Mon 11-Dec-17 15:37:16

Thinking of moving my dd school. Just started in reception , but a 35 min commute each way is getting too much for everyone.The school is great educationally, however a few other glitches friendship wise we haven't been happy with.
School we can move to is a good school, 10 min drive , not as good results/educationally,has been mentioned there is bullying , but lots of others enjoy the school no problems. But has all the other things we need - wrap around care etc.The other school choice but not until year 1 is 5 min drive , educationally fantastic , no wrap around care so not ideal long term and a worry .
My question is could we move Dd in Jan to first school and if it turns out to be a bad choice ,move in yr 1 to the next school ? It is a nightmare as not one school close to us has everything we need.
Our school at the moment has, but the 35 min commute is just too far. So making everyone miserable.

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RedSkyAtNight Mon 11-Dec-17 17:41:47

All schools have bullying - you should be looking at how the school deals with it. What do you mean by "not as good results"? are they totally absymal; are they in line with the school's intake? Bear in mind that results at primary school are hugely linked to the school demographic.

I'd move your child now to the school you can get a place in now as not having a 35 minute commute will just be hugely beneficial. Is the other possible alternative a private school? Because otherwise you can't guarantee when a place will come up.

Snowno Mon 11-Dec-17 18:58:54

Thanks the results are ok just eg 65% reaching milestones vs 80% for instance. Class sizes bigger but not by much eg 25 vs 30. But the school she is at is very organised and really superb at everything it does - the other one closer to us more a standard bit more chaotic feel in classrooms , teachers left recently too .So I feel very guilty for moving her.Dont think its the a popular choice primary school for some.
The other school closer is not private , but there are a few free spaces for year 1 due to moves.

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Snowno Mon 11-Dec-17 19:15:24

School Dd is at has 150 pupils, one closer has 200 pupils,the one for yr 1 has 100. If it makes a difference.

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RedSkyAtNight Mon 11-Dec-17 19:16:41

I'm possibly misreading your post, but it sounds as though you are very focussed on Reception? It's worth looking at what happens further up the school (apologies if you have done that already).

A state school cannot hold places, you can't guarantee your child will get a place at the 2nd school in 9 months time.

Snowno Mon 11-Dec-17 21:13:59

I have looked at the whole school picture for both schools. None tick all our boxes - school she is at does - but just too far away to be any good long term. We could stay there, however I will be miserable long term and doubt it's good for her friendships to be so far away.

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user789653241 Mon 11-Dec-17 22:06:28

She is only in reception, so if other schools have spaces, she can move and settle down fine, imo. And if she didn't, she can always go back or move to other schools, providing there are spaces available. School results aren't everything. Most important factor is her happiness, and your happiness as well.
If the school is closer, it does make meeting with friends after school/during holidays a lot easier.


margepowermum Sat 16-Dec-17 23:31:30

It is important to maintain stability for the child so they can make friends, attend playdates, and the such. If you change schools too often this can interfere with these friendships upsetting your dd. If 35 min commute is too much, I would select a closer school and stick with it. A happy motivated child will excel in any school rated "good" or better by Ofsted or ISI.

Lifechallenges Wed 20-Dec-17 17:54:45

Move in Jan then leave her be!

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