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Please, advice on good primary schools in Waltham Cross, Cheshunt and North Enfield areas

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Dizainior Wed 06-Dec-17 11:06:06

Hi there,

Looking for recommendations for good primaries in Waltham Cross, Cheshunt and North Enfield areas.
I been searching on locrating and trying to google areas myself but still "first hands" opinions and recommendations would be highly appreciated.
We are in EN8 and looking for the descent place for my DS for the next year.

Huge thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hersetta427 Wed 06-Dec-17 11:22:02

To be honest you need to look at last distance offered stats as there is no point setting your heart on a school to discover you have to live within half a mile of the school and you live 3 miles away. Cheshunt to Enfield is a fair distance and I can't imagine living in cheshunt and qualifying on distance for a school in Enfield or even Waltham cross.

The distances for herts schools can be found here.

Dizainior Thu 07-Dec-17 10:54:39

Thank you very much for the response, Hersetta427.

However, it was one of the first things I've done. And we are in location somewhere in between (Waltham Cross, precisely) that gets into the catchment area of some schools in the Southern part of the Cheshunt and North part of the Enfield too.
So still can consider some of the nearest schools there.

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