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Can someone please help with 2Build a Profile Observations?

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Moanyoldcow Thu 30-Nov-17 16:23:18

My son is going to be 5 and is coming to the end of his first Reception term. We're in the process of having him assessed for some SEN as he struggles with attention and making friends preferring to play alone most of the time. There are a few other things as well but he's generally a very happy little boy who loves school.

The school use something called 2Simple which has this electronic profile or observations sheet which is emailed out every few months, and some kind of age range attached to the observations. They are all 40-60 months except for some PSHE stuff which is 30-50 months.

This seems to suggest that he's keeping up in class with the work, but the relationship building etc needs more work. Or have I missed something and should he be working at a higher level, say 50-70 months?

I really like seeing the observations but without some kind of guide as to what I should expect to see at his age it's really tricky. I just wanted an idea of what range you'd expect for an average child I suppose. Any guidance is appreciated.

Bryonie2017 Thu 30-Nov-17 16:39:13

Hiya, EYFS teacher here, depending on summer born vs autumn born I would be looking at developing 40-60 up to secure 40-60 at this stage of the year.

The age brackets go beginning-developing-secure within the age ranges. Beginning would be hitting a few of the points on the scale, developing around half and then secure most or all. (Some schools do use different words)

The Early Learning Goals are what is expected by the END of the school year.

If you search "EYFS Development matters" on Google you should be able to download the full pdf to give you a better picture.

I've had children with SEN massively behind in some areas, all areas or none of the areas depending on need - it's unfortunately not a great guide for children who aren't neurotypical.

To make things a bit trickier some of the areas have only 1 description on whilst others have dozens.

Have you had an actual report to give you a summary or a parents evening? Your son's teacher should be able to summarise for you without too much trouble.

Moanyoldcow Thu 30-Nov-17 16:49:14

Thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately my son's teacher is off at the moment for personal reasons and had to cancel parents' evening which was supposed to be this week and I'd been hoping to ask then.

It's a bit tricky with my son and some of the stuff they have given me is contradictory - eg. the referral for SEN assessment lists his reading and writing as exceeding 30-50 and maths exceeding 40-60 as but in all the observations except for PSHE it's 40-60 and the teacher tells me he's probably the best reader in the class (he's basically skipped the first 2 levels and is on the third which is yellow at our school), so I just find it all really muddy and without being able to talk to his teacher I hoped for a bit of an explanation. Your post was really helpful so thank you very much - I'll take up your suggestions.

I just want to do the best for him - he's such a happy little boy and I'd hate for him to be struggling if I can help him a bit more.

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