When would you move schools?

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tiredlegs Wed 22-Nov-17 10:32:06

No idea how my first born is suddenly going to school! I appreciate we are lucky being able to consider private schools

Would be interested in what choice you would make. By way of background, June birth, relatively shy (and shuts down if she is not happy) has been in a (great) nursery setting for two months, prior to that she was at home and a part time forest school.

Option 1 is staying on with nursery which has a tiny school (12 per class) for reception and years one and two. Seems a great environment and focus is on building confidence. Apply for local private schools for 7 plus

Option 2 is apply for local very well regarded private schools. These are bigger and possibly not as nurturing.

Obviously she has to be offered a place at 2 but I am concerned that she will be more "ready" for that environment at 7 rather than 4.

Separately, not knowing the mysterious ways in the high private schools work I am worried that if we don't get her in now then that will be a mark against entry at 7. Equally, could entry at 7 be more competitive ?

Anyone have any views? Just not sure how my 3.5 year old will change over the next 3.5 years and whether this is the right choice ! Also misguided by the workings of private schools

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BlueberryIce Wed 22-Nov-17 11:12:26

How great is the demand on school places where you are? Is it London or elsewhere?

tiredlegs Wed 22-Nov-17 13:16:13

London, huge demand and our local independent schools are also high profile ones...

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BlueberryIce Fri 24-Nov-17 08:43:05

That sounds like a difficult situation. I think 7+ entry is very challenging at schools like that. I think the kids who succeed are often very bright or very mature or both. I'd be tempted to try Reception entry and see how you get on? If they don't think she is 'ready' or a good fit they won't be shy of telling you!

brilliotic Fri 24-Nov-17 11:34:22

Not sure but I believe at least some (selective) independent schools will 'invite' you to leave if your child is not keeping up. So starting your DD at the very competitive schools at 4 (to avoid the stress of 7+ selection) might just lead to her having a miserable few years and then be asked to leave.

If you believe that children/your child learns best in a nurturing, happy environment, rather than in a pressurised, competitive one, then to get the best outcome you need to send her to the nurturing, happy environment.
This then increases her chances of getting a great foundation, gaining confidence, and learning lots; and thus increases her chances of doing well in the more competitive environment later on.

However it is not said that your current school simply due to the fact of being small (and not having selective entry?) IS more nurturing and happy, nor is a school that has selective entry at 4 and is quite large, necessarily highly pressurised and competitive.

I think you need to look beyond those cornerstones at what the schools are actually like (you may find that some that have selective entry at 4 are highly nurturing and happy places for the children that do get in), and especially check out if some of them effectively have an internal selection process at 7+ or if they 'guarantee' moving on at 7+ for children in their own infants section.

wheresmyphone Fri 24-Nov-17 11:52:11

I think you should put your child where ever you think they will do best now; what ever will grow their confidence and their enjoyment. You have no idea what is down the road in a couple of years: you may have to move or something. The good news is that you have two nice choices: either options sound good

BlueberryIce Sat 25-Nov-17 09:16:01

It's also worth saying OP that even in parts of London with 'well known' hot house Preps there will be some which take a softer approach.

I think it'd be worth you naming some of the Preps and asking for MNers opinions. I guarantee people will have heard of them. And will be able to tell you the specifics of their 4+ and 7+ entry. You can always name change and start a new post if necessary.


tiredlegs Sat 25-Nov-17 12:20:59

Thanks for views. You've hit on exactly why I am torn. The two schools are Alleyns and JAGs

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