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People who walk to school

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purpleme12 Wed 22-Nov-17 00:30:42

Those who walk to school with their children, how far away is the school from your house? How far away would you consider a school? And do they walk willingly?

habenero20 Wed 22-Nov-17 00:34:24

School is about 800m. I live in London. So, I walk them to school, drop them off, hop on the bus and go to work.

Maya12 Wed 22-Nov-17 00:38:29

10 mins with kid, can just about do it in 5 when running late and on my own.

liger Wed 22-Nov-17 00:42:38

20 mins with a hill finish. We mostly use scooters for the kids. Always walk rain or shine.

notangelinajolie Wed 22-Nov-17 00:43:47

About a 25 min walk. Kids had no choice as I don't know to drive.

AirandMungBeans Wed 22-Nov-17 01:02:05

Approximately 3 minutes. DS2 (3yrs) has a tantrum every single bloody time, so it can take 15 minutes.

paxillin Wed 22-Nov-17 01:17:51

About 15 minutes. Willingly? Well, no choice was ever offered, no point finding out if they'd prefer to drive because it's not going to happen.

HashtagTired Wed 22-Nov-17 01:22:55

It’s about a 5 minute walk but it takes 10 minutes with child. Willing, just slow.

MrsJamin Wed 22-Nov-17 01:27:03

1 mile, Scoot every day.

beingsunny Wed 22-Nov-17 02:02:44

About 20-25 min, we walk rain or shine, I then walk to the station to get to work

Smitff Wed 22-Nov-17 02:18:47

10 mins alone, 15-20 mins with sloooooooow DD

WanderingTrolley1 Wed 22-Nov-17 02:21:14

10 mins.

Rainbowblume Wed 22-Nov-17 02:24:40

25 to 30 minutes there with dd aged 3. 9 minutes alone on way back. Often resort to pram when in a rush to get to work. Lots of stares as dd is a big kid for 3.

user1471446186 Wed 22-Nov-17 02:35:18

30 minutes, 1.3 miles. Oldest one scoots, youngest (Just two) is still in buggy. We walk about half the trips each week on average mainly due to the need to drive into after school activities some days and bad weather the rest. That’s about the max distance for me, I don’t think I’d want longer. Took him a while to build up to it and I was glad he could use a mix of walking and the buggy board in reception because he found it too far and was too slow to begin with. I’d have struggled without that option in the early days.

MaMisled Wed 22-Nov-17 03:17:15

I spent 14 years walking my 3 to and from school, in sun, rain and snow. Those 25 minutes, twice a day were absolutely precious and valuable.

slippermaiden Wed 22-Nov-17 04:13:13

0.7 mile. Walk now but scooted from age 3 when they were at nursery next door. Car is too much faff, parking and narrow streets with lots of other parents.

Jenijena Wed 22-Nov-17 04:22:10

0.8 miles, he generally scoots, 12-20 minutes. Mix of me/D.H./neighbour. If I’m heading straight to work, I’ll drive past school and ‘park and stride’ back from the work side direction, about 5-7 minutes walk.

Raisinbrain Wed 22-Nov-17 04:26:03

It’s a 15 minute walk. He walks willingly as he has never been given a choice!

RedSkyAtNight Wed 22-Nov-17 07:59:19

DC's junior was 30 minutes walk, though we more often cycled (10-15 minutes). We never gave them the option of doing anything else so they considered it normal.

When DD was in infants and DS in juniors she used to have do a 2.5 mile round trip on the days I picked them both up. Although we always cycled on these days, plenty of other parents in this situation did walk it.

HeadDreamer Wed 22-Nov-17 08:01:02

10min for me, 15-20min with kids. Totally flat route.

00100001 Wed 22-Nov-17 08:01:55

Why are you asking?

Doublejeopardy Wed 22-Nov-17 08:04:11

About 400m so less than 5 mins I love it. Takes longer to drive and park even if it's raining!

HellsBellsnBucketsofBlood Wed 22-Nov-17 08:04:12

200 meters. No problems.

InflagranteDelicto Wed 22-Nov-17 08:04:20

Now it's 0.2miles. At one point we had a walk of just under 2 miles, took us 35 minutes, kids on scooters, me power walking the pushchair.

bruffin Wed 22-Nov-17 08:04:43

Nursery was 25 minutes, primary 10 minutes. Secondary was 7 miles 30 minutes walk and 8 minutes train.

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