Bladder issues

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KisstheTeapot14 Tue 21-Nov-17 13:09:14

DC (8) has overactive bladder (recently diagnosed, long suspected). Have been through water requirements with school more than once. In casual conversation with teacher I find out that he tells him to drink 'but DC doesn't listen'. Yes, I said (with inward eyeroll) that's why we have to stand over him at home to make sure water goes in.

Any suggestions?

Yes - I know its a pain in the bum for any teacher of 26 other children to keep track of this sort of thing.

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TeaBelle Tue 21-Nov-17 13:13:36

At 8 I think some responsibility is with the child - could you get one of the bottles with the times on to show his much he should have drink by break, lunch etc, then the teacher can easily see and remind if necessary

stealtheatingtunnocks Tue 21-Nov-17 13:16:16

Have a look at They'll stock watches that buzz - every buzz, take a drink.

That and cartons or small bottles can be more manageable - three tiny water bottles is easier than one giant one.

KisstheTeapot14 Tue 21-Nov-17 14:04:37

Thanks. Yes - I do agree the average 8 yr old DC should have responsibility and we encourage that in our house. There are SEN issues though and I just know he's just not going to do it without an adult to nag him. He's one of those kids that doesn't get thirsty. We have had years of this. All very well to say let him get on with it - he doesn't see the point/gets distracted.

Only sturdy bottle I could get was a big one.

Any teachers who have had this situation - how did you solve?

Have read about WOBL watch, if he'd take any darn notice...

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