Worried about which primary school to choose in Bexley

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muminerith Sat 18-Nov-17 20:24:28

Hello everyone

We need help with a dilemma.Our son is due to start reception in 2019. Our older children attended Belmont Primary School but we have now moved out of the catchment area.
The dilemma is do we move closer to Belmont Primary School because it is familiar (even though we do not think they stretch the more able students) or do we apply to Christchurch Primary School?

We are likely to get into Christchurch as we attend church and live locally but I am not sure about the school.
Does anyone know what behaviour is like at Christchurch?
Does anyone know if the school stretches the more able students?

We have read the Ofsted Report however I know that Ofsted reports do not always show the full picture. We would love to hear from parents of children that attend Christchurch or what people may have heard about the school.

We are also looking at Old Bexley School. It is further away from us but seems like a good school. Does anyone have children at this school? What is behaviour like? In what ways do they stretch the more able students? I would really appreciate your opinions.

We also have a dd in year 5. We are thinking of St Catherine's Catholic School as a back-up/ non selective choice.

Any views would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

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