Moving from England to Scotland school system and changing years

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LMSB Thu 16-Nov-17 13:59:53

I'm looking for advice.

We plan to move to Scotland early 2019 and my DD will have already started reception in England.

My DD is April born and is due to start Reception in England in September 2018. Based on her birthday she would not start primary 1 (reception equivalent) in Scotland until September 2019 when she is 5 years old.

My question is will she then stop her schooling when we move and start again in Primary 1 in the september 2019? This would actually be my preference as i would rather she started formal education at 5 rather than 4. There is no option of deferring her in England as i have already requested that and been declined.

I don't mind her starting in England but i don't want her to be forced to continue in Scotland when she is much younger than the other children.

If anyone has any experience of this or advise it would be much appreciated.

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JennyBlueWren Thu 16-Nov-17 16:28:16

That sounds right to me. You might be able to apply for a nursery place for that time so she can go to nursery with the children she'll go into P1 with.

SilverGiraffe7 Thu 16-Nov-17 17:15:49

If she is April born you don’t need to start her in school in England until her 5th birthday so you could just wait until you move to Scotland (assuming it’s before her 5th birthday) and start her then.

I believe (but don’t know for sure!) that you’d need to apply for a place for her in the English school for September 2018, then tell the school she won’t be attending until April.

Alternatively, you can state your intention to Home school until you go to Scotland.

It does seem daft to have two different starts to school!

LMSB Thu 16-Nov-17 17:37:26

I'm scottish so I didn't realise that you i could defer her until her 5th birthday. She is April born so that would make sense to defer her until that date. That should mean that she doesn't start school at all by the time we move.

Thanks ladies!

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