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Tufnell Park Primary School

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GabSebs Mon 13-Nov-17 15:24:21

Hi mums

We are moving (hopefully) to Tufnell Park and I am really anxious about the primary schools.
It looks like our dream house is not in the catchment area for the much sought after Yerbury (although, by just 0.01 mile...). We would fit into the Tufnell Park Primary School.
Our 4 yo is currently attending reception in Hawley (we are currently living in Camden) and DD 2 is likely to start nursery next year.
I`m very unsure if we should leave our kid at current school or try to move him to Tufnell Park (I guess we should have no hopes for Yerbury).
Anyone attending Tufnell Park primary school? Opinions to share?

Paperclipmover Mon 13-Nov-17 21:11:15

I think you should stop worrying about Yerbury smile

You could keep them at Hawley for continuity, I've heard its a lovely school. It's a bit of trek from Tufnell Park but not stupidly so.

Or you could try and get them into Tufnell Park where they and you would have the benefit of bring part if the local community. My children go elsewhere, we aren't quite near enough but their friends go. All their
Parents are so supportive of it and the children all seem to learn more or less the same as at all the local schools.

I know some parents are concerned about the building works. Others are really exited about the opportunities.

Sorry not to be massively informative but at least I've bumped for you smile

Vinorosso74 Tue 14-Nov-17 11:12:03

I don't know much about TP. There is a lot of movement in inner London schools so you could try for a place at Yerbury for your eldest then the younger would get sibling priority for a reception place. Grafton is another sought after near by.

AgonyBeetle Tue 14-Nov-17 15:04:21

All the parents I know with dc at Tufnell park are very happy with it.

There are definite benefits to having your child at a school which is not one of the legendarily sought-after ones (EP and Y are the obvious ones in the TP area) - they attract a, shall we say, less intense type of parent, and a generally more chilled and mixed atmosphere. Also schools that are too sought-after can be less inclined to listen to parents or respond to criticism (not picking on those two schools specifically, more of a general observation).

Which road are you looking at, if you don't mind saying?

GabSebs Tue 14-Nov-17 15:38:27

Hi -
Thank you all for the inputs.
We will moving to Tufnell Park Rd.
I was really scared when I say the math scores of TP school and haven't really thought about the other aspects.
I passed by TP school last week and thought it was a little bit 'tired', so I got the impression the school isn't well looked after.
Once again, thanks!

AgonyBeetle Tue 14-Nov-17 17:18:43

Tufnell Park primary looks tired because it's about to undergo major building work, so understandably they haven't been throwing resources at the fabric of the existing building.

There are lots of good primaries in the area - Torriano has a very variable catchment, but there are people in TP catchment who go there. Also Hargrave Park, St John's Upper Holloway, Brecknock and St Joseph's.

None of them are m/c magnet schools, but all do very well by children of all abilities.

Paperclipmover Tue 14-Nov-17 19:25:55

You are reasonably fortunate as you have a localish school on the bag. In your shoes I'd stick with Hawley or go for Tufnell Park because it's local. You could also hang on for Yerbury .

I don't know much about yerbury school but I am with Agony on the difficulties of prestige schools. Yes I've heard good things about Grafton too but I'd imagine that would be tricky from TP road.

There is a lot to be said for being part of the community so TP school would be good there. You don't really need to look at Torriano, which personally I'd have reservations about or Hargrave Park which I personally like.

If the maths SATs ( is that what you mean?) at TP are low then contact the school for a visit and ask the head about the maths.

And there will be building work at TP for a while. Some families are exited about that. Some are more concerned and I know of one family who jumped ship because of it, but TP wasn't their initial a school of choice.

In other words it's complicated but you're in an enviable position so phew. smile

Good luck with the move btw

irrationallyworried Tue 16-Jan-18 11:55:59

You’ve probably decided by now but I was impressed with TP when I visited even though the building as you say is a bit tired. Hargrave Park seems to be excellent at the moment and a lovely well cared for building too - they even have chickens! We considered a house on the same road as Yerbury but I was v put off by my visit there and thought def not worth the massive premium on the house price!

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