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My 6 year old

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wiziliz Thu 09-Nov-17 11:44:34

I am sorry if I am posting in the wrong forum. Please please someone help me. My 6 year old started school this year, she was really lookingforward for it ,but now everyday is hell for me and everyone in the family. I have to force her ,drag her to school and when she comes back home, she whines and cries, until past her bedtime that she doesn't want to go to school the next day. This happens every day. Today I lost my cool, and shouted at my other kids. Today I dressed my six year old but she ran to the toilet and locked herself I couldn't open the door from outside my hubby took other kids to school. Before starting school she was an absolute angel, super soft spoken, well mannered girl. I tried reward charts presents everything I could but nothing works. Someone please help me. I am already dealing with my teenage girls hormones, and a demanding toddler. I don't have energy...

2014newme Thu 09-Nov-17 11:50:44

You have not said what the problem is with school? Why does she hate it so much?

suitcaseofdreams Thu 09-Nov-17 12:01:24

Talk to her! Talk to the school - especially her class teacher.
Is she ok at school? Does she have friends? Is she making good progress/finding the work ok?
You need to work out what the underlying problem is and then you can look at how to help her/Improve things

irvineoneohone Thu 09-Nov-17 12:03:18

Why don't you go speak to the teacher and find out why she hates school so much?
Reward charts, etc, doesn't work unless you find out why this is happening in the first place, tbh.

wiziliz Thu 09-Nov-17 12:13:45

She is excellent in her studies. Spoke to the teacher, she said she is well mannered, quite,never gets in trouble.she has few friends in the class. When I ask my daughter she says she is missing me at school, she says when she remembers me at school she gets tearful. I try to spend lots of time with her and also I let her sleep in my room these days. But nothing seems to work..

2014newme Thu 09-Nov-17 12:43:11

Have you told the school how bad it is?
Have you thought about engaging a children's counsellor, I gave a few friends who've used them
Do you invite friends from school to your house
Some kind of anxiety has triggered this, has there been a bereavement or family stressful some kind?

I'm not seeing how a rewarding chart would help tbh

Tissie Thu 09-Nov-17 13:51:45

try giving her something small and personal belonging to you which she can carry with her or around her neck. Explain that this is a part of you she can carry with her all day and bring home each day to you. It may help reduce anxiety or a buroed fear of losing you.

wiziliz Thu 09-Nov-17 16:42:19

Thanks everyone for the replies,

ReallyIam Thu 09-Nov-17 17:25:47

My DD had a horrible time when she started school. She's quiet and doesn't want to stand out and demand attention. It came to a head when we had similar behaviour at home. I saw the Head and it was all really revolving round poor behaviour in the classroom and she felt very frightened. From this she was given counselling and it definitely helped. The school arranged this.

My heart goes out to you as it's horrible seeing your normally sweet kid be so emotionally low and fragile.

Talk to the school and be honest how worried you are and see what they can suggest. I like the idea of having something in her pocket/round her neck of yours, too.

wiziliz Fri 10-Nov-17 03:54:23

My daughter has a friend 8 year old , she lost her mother when she was 4/5 ish, it seems like they have spoken about this. Now I think my daughter is scared that I might die too.! Anyone has any tips for this? Pls...

irvineoneohone Fri 10-Nov-17 09:25:59

You just need to reassure your DD.
My ds had fear of us dying when he was younger. My best friend died very young, and seeing me devastated might have triggered that thought of people can die even though they are not old age yet.
But we explained we aren't dying, that she was ill, etc. He is totally fine now.

BubblesBuddy Fri 10-Nov-17 13:22:15

I tend to think your DD is a bit immature and clearly you give her what she wants. No wonder she doesn’t want to leave you. She is quiet and school and has few friends so
I would start having friends round and building a closer relationship with what friends he has made so she fits in. She will then want to see her friends. Try and get involved with school events and big these up.

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