Pennthorpe or other prep schools NW Sussex or Surrey

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ScipioAfricanus Thu 09-Nov-17 09:51:45

I wondered if anyone has any info on Pennthorpe and recent impressions? Numbers seem to be down (judging from the scholarship numbers and percentages in Year 8 - this may just reflect more pupils leaving at Year 6 but looks like a big decrease over last four years), and there’s a new headmistress.

My DC (currently Yr 2) is not that strong academically at the moment but is making great progress now and I think is going to be a later developer (messy handwriting, reading just now taking off, etc). He’s quite creative. Not very sporty (co ordination as poor as his parents’). I’d welcome any advice about schools in north West Sussex or Surrey border which might suit him.

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ScipioAfricanus Mon 13-Nov-17 19:22:21


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hamburgers Mon 13-Nov-17 19:38:06

My friends DC go to Pennthorpe and love it. One is sporty, the other is arty/musically talented. Neither are particularly academic.

Handcross Park School is another where I know friends have DC at and they rave about it although not sure if that’s too far away from you.

Sorry couldn’t be of more help! I’m in London, but hopefully someone with local knowledge will come by soon.

ScipioAfricanus Mon 13-Nov-17 20:28:04

Thank you hamburgers. That’s useful to know it appeals to sporty and musical children alike. Handcross is pretty close to me too but I have got the impression it’s more academic since it’s part of the Brighton College schools group and I’ve discounted it (maybe prematurely) because of that.

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