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Any experience with Newton Prep Apple Nursery?

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DaisyFranceLynch Wed 08-Nov-17 07:36:28

My son has just been offered a place for next year at Newton Prep Apple nursery in Battersea (starting at 3+ so just the year before school). This more or less guarantees him a place at the school all the way through to 11/13, assuming he likes it and they don’t consider him unsuitable for some reason.

He is currently at a preschool around the corner from Newton (both the school and nursery are close to our home). He’s been there for half a term and loves it - it is very small and nurturing and he is enthusiastic about going in every day. The teachers say he’s settled in quickly and is doing well academically and socially.

Apple Nursery seems very big in comparison - two classes of 24, whereas his current nursery has fewer than 20 children across two age groups. Does anyone have any experience of it?

We liked Newton as a school (I started a thread on it last year and had some really helpful responses, so thank you) and it’s less than five minutes walk from our house. But we wanted to look round a few more before making a final decision on schools. However we won’t have a chance to before confirming the place at the nursery, so just wanted to see what other people’s experiences of the nursery had been.

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 09-Nov-17 12:26:06

We're just moving this over to primary education at the OP's request.


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