Which school would you choose?

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Mallowmarshmallow Sat 04-Nov-17 09:36:12

I went to see our two closest schools yesterday.

School A: separate infant/junior two minute walk away. Shown around by head in a group of ten-ish. Not much opportunity for questions but more at the (child-free) open evening next week which I can’t make due to being away.

Small classrooms and nice but small outdoor areas. Small ICT areas outside classrooms suitable for small groups. They are conscious of settle in needs of different children but try to integrate them into the whole school as quickly as possible.

Infants is outstanding but last ofsted was nine years ago. Juniors has had several years of problems although I think it is deemed good. Not such a good reputation locally.

Basically, it’s a small (feels small although two form entry) village, church school.

School B: as the crow flies not much further away but a more difficult walk that wouldn’t be manageable every day.

In special measures a few years ago, now part of local academy so lots of money.

Met with deputy head who spoke at us (not necessarily on the topics I really wanted to know about like pastoral care, early days settling, behaviour management) for half an hour. Mainly covered results, opportunities like external language teachers teaching four languages from reception, theatre trips etc.

Then shown around by two eloquent, polite year sixes who showed us around the whole (through primary) school.

Modern ICT suite, modern classrooms and nice outside areas. Reception are largely kept separate with their own play area and separate lunchtimes.

Both have behaviour management programmes I don’t really like where you move down onto red dots/black clouds for undesirable behaviour.

Which would you choose? What would be your main considerations?

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Lowdoorinthewal1 Sat 04-Nov-17 09:41:32

A for the easier walk and lack of academy status.

BowlingShoes Sat 04-Nov-17 09:43:35

A for exactly the same reasons as low.

RapidStreaming Sat 04-Nov-17 09:43:47

A - as above

Slartybartfast Sat 04-Nov-17 09:44:50

i would go for the easier walk and be wary of the academy status also.
my teacher friend suggested I see which school had lots of pictures on the walls.

Slartybartfast Sat 04-Nov-17 09:45:39

are there friendship groups, ie current friends?

domesticslattern Sat 04-Nov-17 09:46:14

Being able to walk to school is really good- think of all the time you will save added up over the years.


CamperVamp Sat 04-Nov-17 09:58:33

A. For the walk and not part of an academy chain.

flyingpigsinclover Sat 04-Nov-17 10:10:22

A, without a doubt.
As for the OFSTED - how has it been 9 years since the last OFSTED inspection?!

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sat 04-Nov-17 10:15:32

Because once you get an outstanding ofsted, unless something triggers it like a dramatic drop in results or serious safeguarding complaint, you don't get inspected again.

There are plenty of outstanding schools out there that haven't been inspected since the more rigorous ofsted schedule came in.

Middleoftheroad Sat 04-Nov-17 10:17:38

School A.
Ease of walking trumps a sparkly ICT suite every time

flyingpigsinclover Sat 04-Nov-17 10:24:42

I thought that they still got inspected but not as often.

Glumglowworm Sat 04-Nov-17 11:29:46


Two form entry isn't small, but I think it's good that it feels small without being small, especially at infants. Walking to school makes everything easier including having local friends and giving DC more independence when they're older

RedSkyAtNight Sat 04-Nov-17 11:31:37

A for the closer walk and being part of community.

Academy chain not necessarily a bad thing that others seem to be making out - round her the schools attached to chains seem to be in a better place than those that aren't.

MiaowTheCat Sun 05-Nov-17 16:55:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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