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Feedback on idea to boost children creativity

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mkmo Thu 02-Nov-17 14:54:57


I have found there aren't many art courses out there for children (9 year old) and parents to create art together. I thought I can hold a workshop for children and parents who will each create a piece of artwork over the course of 8 weeks and each week they will be given a new waste material to add to their sculpture e.g. wood chippings. I thought that the childnre and parents building on each others sculptures so change over each week so at the end they have both worked on each for 4 weeks and will be forced to use the others idea and add to it. I was wondering if anyone could give me feedback on this by answering the following questions - I would really appreciate it.

1. how would this idea benefit the relationship between you and your child?
2. Is this idea something you would be interested in working on?
3. Please comment positives and negatives of this idea and provide any feedback

Thank you so much

shakemysilliesout Thu 02-Nov-17 15:59:29

I think it would be good for parent and child, a bit like how building Lego together is bonding through an activity that is creative.

I think I would do this as a one off but don't need another activity to commit myself to on an ongoing basis. I think 3hr Saturday afternoon one off would be nice. I have been to parent child yoga workshops that are 1 afternoon.

My only issue with your current model would be the time committed alongside homework, tutors swimming etc for this age group. Also at 9 you are used to dropping and running so with this you would need a plan for the sibling.

irvineoneohone Thu 02-Nov-17 19:35:42

We used to go to local art class for primary children. Most of parents just drop and go.
I am not interested to work on relationship with my ds on the course like this. We already share hobby/interest and don't need something like this tbh.
But I would be happy for ds to go to creative art class to learn something on his own, if he wanted to.

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