The Avenue vs St Mary's Hampstead

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AusSummer Mon 30-Oct-17 23:16:37

Hi All,
Does anyone have any recent views on both the above schools? We have an offer for both. We live in Highgate so the Avenue is walking distance but I like St Mary's in that it goes til 11 so we don't necessarily need to be as stressed about doing the 7+. Very confused so would appreciate any recent thought especially on new headmistress at St Mary's as well. Thank you

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Frogusha Fri 03-Nov-17 16:51:41

Hi - no idea about the Avenue. St Mary's is very good - great teachers, happy girls, strong ethos, good clubs, facilities have much improved (all classrooms have been revamped, new playground). The new Headmistress has my vote of confidence. The school needed the change - e.g. she changed the old ICT room into a science lab and the school has ipads for every child instead. Lots of new initiatives, like concerts to which kids can sign up themselves. My DD feels very happy, very much involved in school life, wants to go to school when on holiday.

WDPP Sun 05-Nov-17 22:06:50

I second what Frogusha says. I have a daughter at St Mary's and my son was in the nursery and we have been seriously impressed by the school, its ethos, its upbeat feeling and the way they get the girls to challenge themselves and progress

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