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Advice Y3 Writing

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Bluebird23 Sat 21-Oct-17 20:49:02


Recent Parents Evening for my DS who is in Y3. Everything is going well, very happy in school, well behaved and he is doing great in Reading & Maths.

The teacher said DS is expected level in writing and has a fantastic imagination. However, he has a tendency to forget punctuation and capital letters. She said when reminded DS can correct his work to a high standard which shows he does understands punctuation etc. The problem is he then forgets again in the next piece of writing.

I would like to help my DS at home and just wondered if people had any tips please?

Many thanks in advance x

snowglobe67 Sat 21-Oct-17 20:51:21

Could he make and laminate a little prompt card that lived on his desk? If he basically understands then he could do that himself, then the teacher could give it a tap as she was passing to remind him to pause and check his work back every so often.

Sirrah Sun 22-Oct-17 09:56:57

Talk to any year 3 teacher and they will say the same about 80% of their class! The children know what the punctuation does, and can add it to sentences in isolation, but they get carried away when writing and forget. Don't worry, it is perfectly normal.

Bluebird23 Sun 22-Oct-17 15:37:01

Thank you snowglobe67, that sounds like a nice no pressure approach which my son would probably respond well too. His teacher asked if I could focus on his writing a bit more at home and reinforce punctuation etc. I am going to make a nice little reminder card for him.

Sirrah thank you for the reassurance. It's really good to know that this is perfectly normal at this stage in Y3. I was worrying that he may be 'slipping' behind his peers and I didn't think to ask his teacher if other children also struggle with this.

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